2011 Triennial Election: Report & Further Information

International Executive Board (IEB) response Re: Appeals concerning nominations and elections, 12/21/2011

First page of the response Re: Appeals concerning nominations and elections

Following our local’s triennial officer election in April-May 2011, there were a number of outstanding challenges related to the election that we were unable to resolve within our local. Two election protests were referred to the International Executive Board (IEB) of the UAW. While the members who brought those protests ultimately withdrew them, an informal hearing was held between a representative from the IEB and members of our local’s Executive Board and Election Committee to discuss the content of the protests. You can download a PDF version of the final findings of the IEB in regard to these election protests here. The local is complying with all the recommendations stated in the letter. Please contact our statewide office or a member of the Executive Board if you have questions about the findings or what the local is doing to meet the recommendations.


2011 Triennial Election Report

The election committee has issued its report on the triennial election.

This report was approved 5/8/11: Please click here to download a PDF copy for the full text.