2011 Triennial Election: Riverside Joint Council Candidates

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Information on the statewide Local Executive Board election is here. Information on Joint Council candidate elections and Sample Ballots for each Unit are in a separate post specific for each unit.

Below is a list of nominated candidates for _Berkeley_ unit representatives to the Joint Council.
Candidate statements are listed for each candidate per Article 14 of the Local Bylaws.

Unit Chair (1 Position)

John Gust

I’m running for Unit Chair as a member of the United for Social and Economic Justice team. I’m a 5th year graduate student in anthropology.

I’m running for Unit Chair because having served as Head Steward and Recording Secretary I understand the responsible how important the Unit Chair position is at this and every campus. I have the requisite experience to represent the campus both in interactions with the university and in helping to set the agenda within the union. Since joining the union on my first day of graduate school here at UCR, I have been involved in making and keeping the union not only a force that protects workers but also helps other groups form unions and works for positive social change. I have found the union to be a truly democratic organization that asks its members what they want in ways that all can participate in. This should continue and I want to help ensure it does.

There’s never been a more critical time for us to speak with a powerful, unified voice as a union. Public higher education is under attack in Sacramento and Washington Our right – and the right of all public employees – to have a union is under attack. And we face a constant struggle to preserve our rights and benefits against take-aways by UC.

We’re part of a team of union members that’s built the strength of our union and won great contracts over the past ten years at UC. We’re committed to continue building a strong, grassroots, member-run union that:

·  wins great contracts;
·  recruits diverse leaders from a variety of departments on every UC campus;
·  plays a leading role in helping new groups of workers form unions;
·  works in coalition with students, unions and other progressive allies to defend public higher education against budget cuts and privatization.

A complete description of our plans to continue strengthening UAW 2865 is at: uniteduc.org. We also want your feedback and input on how we can continue strengthening our union.

I would be honored to have your vote. Please make sure to print-out this list of all the United for Social and Economic Justice candidates and bring it to the polls. PleasecastaballotforalltheUnitedforSocial and Economic Justice candidates – both here at Riverside, and for all statewide offices.

Thank you for your support.

Elliott Kim

I am a second year graduate student in Public History and Latin American Studies at UC Riverside. I was raised in an activist-academic household and have been actively involved in various forms of community and labor organizing for most of my life but more so in the past ten plus years. In addition to participating in academic and organizing work, I currently serve as a public affairs programming director at KUCR, the university and community radio station at UCR.

Since the most recent election I’ve been working as a steward in my department to help with coalition building between graduate and other students, staff and faculty at UCR, and I see this as a necessary step in fostering statewide, national as well as global solidarity between unions, social justice movements and the communities they serve in the UC system and beyond.

I’ve also been involved in organizing with Social Justice Alliance-UCR for different days of action, forums, teach-ins, and other organizing work particularly around the budget cuts over the past two years.

I welcome the opportunity to continue to work with other members of UAW, members of the Executive Board, Joint Council and others in the critical efforts to nurture and enact participatory democracy, strong collective bargaining principles and cross-campus and community solidarity building in UAW Local 2865 and beyond.

To echo others points, we are at a critical juncture and have a worthwhile opportunity to contribute to the creation of a more equitable and just future for those who inhabit the UC public school system and by several degrees of extension this planet. In this context, I feel privileged to be working with groups such as Academic Workers for a Democratic Union and running for the Eboard position of Southern Vice President or Campus Unit Chair at UC Riverside with the AWDU slate. I look forward to continuing to help organize for quality and accessible public education in any capacity.

Recording Secretary (1 Position)

Position Not Contested

Head Steward (4 Positions)

Positions Not Contested


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