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Letter of Support for Professor Rabab Abdulhadi, Campus Advocates for Justice in Palestine, and Academic Freedom at San Francisco State University

As educators, workers, and students of the University of California we are disturbed by recent developments on the SFSU campus:

1) On October 14, 2016, several racist and Islamophobic posters were plastered on the SFSU campus smearing SFSU Professor Rabab Abdulhadi, accusing her of terrorism and anti-Semitism.

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Statement of Solidarity from UAW 2865 to the students and student workers of the University of Pennsylvania

November 13, 2016

UAW 2865, the student workers’ union of the University of California, stands in solidarity with students and student workers at the University of Pennsylvania. We condemn the craven acts of racism and intimidation carried out against African American students at Penn. The threat of a “daily lynching” at the university where W.E.B.

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UAW Local 2865 Endorses Propositions 55, 57, 58, and 62

UAW Local 2865 has officially endorsed four California ballot propositions this year: Propositions 55, 57, 58, and 62. We hope that you will vote “yes” on each of these propositions, and also that you will urge other registered voters to do the same. Not sure where to vote?

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