2017 Biennial Election – Positions

Information for Candidates

The Election Committee is working to provide a fair, prompt, and accountable election. We encourage candidates to abide by all rules and regulations to help us realize that vision.

Sample ballots and candidate statements (if you submitted one) will be posted by Monday, April 17.

Candidate statements will also be made available at the polls. However, no campaigning or campaign literature of any sort is otherwise permitted within 20 feet of each polling location. This boundary will be marked by a chalk circle where practical. Candidates and their supporters should remain outside of this circle unless they are personally voting at that time.

During voting, each candidate may designate up to one challenger per polling location at any given time. Challengers cannot campaign on behalf of any candidate, and should address any concerns to the poll worker or to the Elections Committee directly. If you wish to designate a challenger, please submit the name, campus, phone number, and email address of each and every challenger for voting, as well as the times and polling locations at which they will be in attendance, to elections@uaw2865.org by 5PM April 25.

Federal law dictates that you may not use union or university funds, facilities, equipment, and supplies for campaigning. This includes but is not limited to membership lists, databases, telephones, printers, and copiers. You also may not campaign during hours when you are being paid by the union or the university.

If you have any questions before, during, or after the election, please direct them to elections@uaw2865.org. You can also reach out to the Elections Committee representative on your campus.

Elected Offices

Elections are being held for UAW Local 2865 Executive Board and Joint Council positions.

Executive Board Positions

The Executive Board positions are President, Northern Vice President, Southern Vice President, Financial Secretary, Recording Secretary, three Trustees, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Guide.

Joint Council Positions

The Joint Council positions are elected at each campus. The positions are Unit Chair, Recording Secretary, and several Head Stewards. The number of Head Stewards elected at each campus varies based on campus membership.

Berkeley: 14 Head Stewards
Davis: 10 Head Stewards
Irvine: 7 Head Stewards
Los Angeles: 12 Head Stewards
Merced: No Head Stewards
Riverside: 5 Head Stewards
San Diego: 12 Head Stewards
Santa Barbara: 6 Head Stewards
Santa Cruz: 5 Head Stewards

Campus Unit Positions

The Los Angeles Unit is holding additional elections for 14 Campus Steward positions.

Accepting Nomination

Each member who wishes to accept nomination must indicate this intention in writing. The preferred method of accepting nomination is to complete this form. E-mailing your nomination acceptance to elections@uaw2865.org or mailing an acceptance of nomination to Elections Committee, 2030 Addison St, Suite 640A, Berkeley, CA 94704 are also permissible.

When accepting nomination, please include the following information:
1. Position for which you are accepting nomination
2. Your name as you’d like it to appear on the ballot
3. Contact information: department, phone number, and non-UC email address
4. Candidate statement (up to 500 words, optional) – In the case of a contested election, the statement will be posted on the Local’s website no later than April 22, 2014, and will be available at polling sites during the election.

All nominations and candidate statements must be received by 5PM on April 12th, 2017.


All UAW Local 2865 members in continuous good standing for one (1) year prior to accepting nominations are automatically nominated for all Executive Board and Delegate positions. (Note that only members from Berkeley, Davis, Merced, and Santa Cruz may accept nomination for Northern Vice President, and only members from Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, and Santa Barbara may accept nomination for Southern Vice President.)  However, no member may serve as a member of Executive Board for more than four (4) years.

All UAW Local 2865 members in continuous good standing for ninety (90) days prior to accepting nominations are automatically nominated for Joint Council positions. However, no member may serve as a Campus Unit Chair for more than four (4) years.

All UAW Local 2865 Los Angeles members in continuous good standing for ninety (90) days prior to accepting nominations are automatically nominated for Los Angeles Campus Steward positions.

Graduate students may join the union and become members in good standing once they have accepted their offer to attend UC. The UAW Constitution (Article 6, Section 4) states that membership begins on the first of the month in which a member signs. Therefore, as an example, if a graduate student accepts their offer to attend UC on March 15th, and signs a membership card on June 15th, they are considered to be a member in good standing as of June 1st. (Undergraduate and non-affiliated GSIs, Readers, and Tutors may join the union at any time during the term of their employment.) This decision was reached by a unanimous vote of the Elections Committee on 3/13/14.

Job Responsibilities and Compensation

At this time, no payment is guaranteed for any position. Instead, campuses are instructed to develop a fair and democratic process to hire a half-time position (or the equivalent) every term. The executive board is instructed to use a fair and democratic process to hire up to two half-time positions (or their equivalent) every term to assume general administrative responsibility to ensure the functioning of the Board.

In general, there are few specific requirements laid out in our governing documents regarding responsibilities for individual positions. Many campuses enact a horizontal model of organizing regardless of specific job titles.

Campus Unit Chairs and Recording Secretaries comprise the statewide Bargaining Team. For up to two terms during bargaining, they will be paid at a half-time position by the University. Bargaining is expected to begin in 2018.

On the Executive Board, the President, Financial Secretary, and Recording Secretary are responsible for the weekly signing of checks and vouchers. The three Trustees are responsible for semi-annual internal audits of the Union’s finances.

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