Our Bargaining Goals


Your Bargaining Team is working hard to create a stronger contract for the 17,000 student-workers employed at the UC. What do we want? A #UCforALL! What does that look like? Read on. Oh! And if you would like to get involved in the bargaining process, please email organize@uaw2865.org.


These are our bargaining goals, which reflect our unwavering commitment to advancing quality, accessible education at UC, ensure that we receive the compensation and treatment we deserve as educators and workers.

Our bargaining goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Improve ASE Compensation and Standards of Living
  • Increase ASE compensation to keep pace with the real cost of living and be competitive among UC’s peer institutions;
  • Provide ASEs with consistent and regular pay and benefits throughout the year;
  • Provide ASEs with free, accessible public transportation and parking; and
  • Expand ASE benefits, including disability leave, life insurance, vacation pay, and TA/GSI sabbatical.

Ensure ASE Access to Affordable and Well-Maintained Housing

  • Provide financial support to offset rising cost of housing across UC campuses; and
  • Improve availability and affordability of UC housing

Establish UC as a Sanctuary Campus and Provide Support and Access for Immigrant, Undocumented, and International ASEs

  • Protect UC students and workers from immigration raids and other enforcement actions by federal authorities;
  • Provide legal and financial support, as well as housing and other services, to ASEs affected by changes to immigration law, travel bans, and/or Executive Orders; • Enhance support for ASE visa processing; and
  • Expand and implement instructional and funding opportunities for undocumented students.

Expand Remission of Tuition and Fees

  • Waive or remit all mandatory tuition and fees for all ASEs, including, but not limited to, professional degree fees, campus fees, international student fees, training and language testing fees, and nonresident supplemental tuition; and
  • Ensure that ASEs are not financially harmed by any tax bill that targets higher education.

Create Conditions That Promote a Diverse, Inclusive, Safe Workplace for All ASEs

  • Enhance protections for ASEs against all forms of discrimination, retaliation, and harassment, including sexual harassment and sexual violence, and white supremacy;
  • Increase access and resources for international ASEs, ASEs with disabilities, working class ASEs, and ASEs of color;
  • Enhance the right of ASEs to work in a safe environment;
  • Provide additional opportunities for GSIs/TAs to conduct educational activities that promote equity, inclusion, and retention at UC.

Expand Access, Affordability, and Comprehensiveness of Health Care Coverage

  • Expand dependent health care options and decrease dependent premium costs;
  • Provide more robust services for mental health counseling, reproductive health, queer and trans health services, and other services for vulnerable and underrepresented populations; and
  • Eliminate health insurance coverage caps and lower copays/deductibles;

Improve Quality of Education

  • Increase the number of TAs/GSIs, Readers, and Tutors to reduce class size and student-to-ASE ratios;
  • Increase resources for all equipment & materials necessary to maintain Academic Excellence in teaching, grading, and tutoring; and
  • Develop transparent policy statements on the criteria determining the assignment of ASE appointments, and their associated step pay rate, at the college, school, and/or department level in consultation with ASEs.

Expand Childcare and Family-Friendly Benefits

  • Improve and expand all types of paid leave including, but not limited to, maternity/parental/family leave;
  • Expand access to on-site UC childcare facilities and expand subsidies to fully cover the cost of off-campus child-care services for full-time care; and
  • Improve access to safe, private, and clean lactation facilities and services.

Implement Socially Responsible Investment and Financial Practices at UC

  • Develop socially responsible investment/divestment policies and financial policies that prioritize human rights, social development, and environmental protection.

Expand Union Rights

  • Expand the ability of union members to take concerted action without the presence of militarized police forces;
  • Expand resources available for union representational activities; and
  • Respect the right to freedom of association of Graduate Student Researchers/Research Assistants.

Expand Job Security and Clarify Classifications

  • Redefine job classifications to accurately reflect job duties and ensure equitable compensation of ASE work; and
  • Abolish the 18-quarter/12 semester maximum rule and other rules that limit the employment opportunities of ASEs.

Maintain all existing rights and benefits under the existing contract.