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UC Continues Intimidating, Arresting Students

ACTION ALERT – two more arrested at UCSC. Call today demanding their immediate release and to drop charges against all students:
Alison Galloway, UCSC Provost and EVC
(831) 459-3885
George Blumenthal, UCSC Chancellor
(831) 459-2058
Renee Mayne, UCSC Senior Manager – Employee and Labor Relations
(831) 459-4332
Nader Oweis, UCSC Chief of Police, Administration Number
(831) 459-2897
Santa Cruz County Jail
(831) 454-2420
Janet Napolitano, UC President
(510) 987-9074

As picketing continue across the state today during UAW 2865’s strike, the UC police continue to intimidate and arrest peaceful students participating in a legal strike.

At numerous campuses, including UCLA and UC Berkeley, we have pictures and reports of police filming legal strike activities. This conduct is simply an attempt to intimidate individuals involved in lawful conduct.

At UCSC, details about the arrests yesterday continue to surface. See this powerful video showing Union Leader Josh Brahinsky being arrested with unnecessary force and without warning for trying to exercise his right to picket:

(attribution: countercamera projects, UCSC graduate student)

Today, two more supportive undergraduate students were arrested while involved in picket activities. Police officers were denying students their legal right to a moving picket when the crosswalk indicated they could walk, instead blocking pedestrians and allowing motor vehicles to cross the picket line. An undergraduate woman, who was being pushed by police officers, told them to stop pushing her, and was arrested in response. In solidarity, another woman willingly allowed herself to be arrested so that the first undergraduate female wouldn’t be forced to sit alone in County Jail.

Details are unclear if they have been booked or released – please call the numbers above to demand they be freed and have charges dropped!

At 10:30am, a couple hundred UCSC students gathered for a rally, marching down to the base of campus then back to the West Entrance for the rally. 20 officers in riot gear showed up and followed them, continue to intimidate and follow students as they peacefully marched into campus following the rally.

UAW 2865 calls for the immediate end to police intimidation during our peaceful, legal strike activities, for all jailed students to be immediately released, and for all charges to be dropped.


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