Anti-Oppression Committee: Mission Statement

The purpose of the Anti-Oppression Committee is wide ranging. We hope to work together with members from across the UC, to challenge various forms of oppression, including racism, sexism, trans- and homophobia, classism, ableism, ageism, and others.

Some of the goals and strategies of this committee include: identifying and challenging discrimination in our workplaces; organizing in solidarity with students, community groups, and other unions against various forms of oppression; helping develop demands during contract bargaining that challenge racism, sexism, trans- and homophobia, classism, ableism, ageism, etc.; developing greater knowledge and skills about how to address power dynamics in the classroom for use among the members of this committee and among the membership at large; building consciousness around anti-oppression issues within the union, etc; and providing resources to members to help organize against various forms of discrimination across the campuses.

Our current projects include:

Organizing around four central demands during the contract campaign and building with campus/community groups around these demands:

· Mental health accommodations for students who need it
· Employment for undocumented students
· Nursing stations for student-parents
· Gender neutral bathrooms

Political Education

· Organizing an anti-oppression training for the bargaining team
· Organizing an anti-oppression training and anti-discrimination contract knowledge for
· Producing literature and resources around anti-oppression issues for campuses to use as
they see fit

Expanding the base of the State-wide Anti-Oppression committee by organizing a local group on each UC campus

Writing statements of solidarity and otherwise supporting partner organizations & student and community groups

To learn more about the AOC or to get involved, please watch this space. The AOC is currently in the process of hiring a new coordinator, whose contact information will appear here.