Bargaining Update #3

As the Bargaining Team goes into their fourth session of negotiations at UCI today, read the update from their July 23-24 session below.

Quote of the Day: UC Management’s chief negotiator compared student-workers spending money on parking when they come to work on campus to “choosing to eat at a fine restaurant.”

The bargaining team has met with the UC Management three times now, June 27-28, July 8-9, and most recently July 23-24.

Despite having a number of proposals on the table and agreeing to a general outline for the day ahead of time, Management spent the vast majority of our second day away from the table. We respect the ability of each side to break to caucus and even adjourn to confer with constituents, conduct research, or deal with personal crises. Indeed it is likely that both sides, throughout the process, will require extended periods of time away from the table to bargain thoughtfully. However, we are seeing a disturbing trend where, when we are away from the table, Management fails to provide the legally required information necessary for bargaining, and, when we are scheduled to meet, Management avoids spending time to negotiate with us TAs, GSIs, Tutors and Readers.

More discussion and responses to the following articles occurred that were already opened for bargaining:

*Article 6: Defined Contribution and University Retirement Plan(s)

*Article 22: Posting

*Article 27: Union Access and Rights

*Article 30: Waiver

The following articles of the UAW-UC contract were opened for bargaining discussion at the most recent bargaining session:

*Article 11: Fee Remission

*Article 21: Parking and Transit

For article 6, we made a proposal asking for matching employer contributions to the University retirement plan, access and matching contributions to other retirement plans, and easy access to retirement plan funds. On article 22, we countered a UC proposal that jobs should be obtained through ‘connections’ with a proposal to increase transparency in job postings. We also made an initial proposal on transportation that seeks to compensate the parking and public transit fees we pay to get to work.

The Fee Remission proposal was from the UC Management and at this time we believe it to be only making technical changes which do not impact our current fee remission package. The UC also made a proposal on Waiver which we are still evaluating.

We have continued to put pressure on the university to create a more open and inclusive workplace and to acknowledge the collective bargaining rights of Research Assistants. Unfortunately, UC Management has again taken the wrong course, stating: “The University has to reject this proposal. We have a fundamental difference on whether Research Assistants should have the right to be in a bargaining unit.” As we reminded Management when we introduced our proposal, Management has continued to place themselves on the wrong side of history by denying graduate students a basic human right demanded by Article 23 of the UN Declaration on Human Rights.

The next bargaining session will be August 8th and 9th in Irvine. Join us! If you want more information on bargaining or would like to participate in a bargaining session, please contact your local campus through

In Solidarity,

Duane Wright, UC Davis
Jordan Scavo, UC Davis
Amanda Armstrong, UC Berkeley
Mike Holmes, UC Berkeley
Michelle Glowa, UC Santa Cruz
Joshua Brahinsky, UC Santa Cruz
Eric Chiu, UC Merced
Josh Franco, UC Merced
Amanda Zeddy, UC Santa Barbara
Rob Ackermann, UC Santa Barbara
Jason Ball, UCLA
Cody Trojan, UCLA
Robert Wood, UC Irvine
Jessica Conte, UC Irvine
John Gust, UC Riverside
Jason Struna, UC Riverside
Arash Arfaee, UC San Diego
Leslie Manjarrez, UC San Diego