Bargaining Update #7: “Title IX will never not be broken.”

Bargaining Session 7 – UC Riverside: June 6 & 7

Title IX will never not be broken. There is no guarantee. Slowing down the grievance process until the Title IX investigation has been completed is an unreasonable ask of student workers. It exponentially magnifies the harm. It may cause more harm than the University seems to be aware of.”

Professor Jennifer Doyle, of the UC Riverside Department of English, delivered the above testimony at this week’s bargaining session. She was joined by Naddia Palacios, Director of the CARE Advocates (Campus Advocacy, Resources and Education) at UCR and five student-workers in giving testimony. We also delivered our Union’s petition against sexual violence and sexual harassment (SVSH) signed by 1,580 members across the state demanding real accountability from UC.

The Bargaining Team at UC Riverside for bargaining session #7.

In response to your petition and testimonies, the UC Administration has begun to discuss the strong protections our union has put on the table. The next few weeks of negotiations are crucial. We need to push the administration on these issues and transform this discussion into agreement and implementation of our proposal language. Only through a strengthened contract can we enforce the protections of student-workers against all forms of harassment and discrimination.

The second day of bargaining, your Union proposed a comprehensive proposal aimed at winning a #ViolenceFreeUC and a #UCForAll. Click here to read more about our comprehensive proposal. This session focused on proposing language aimed at ensuring the health and safety of academic workers across the UC system. In particular, we’ve proposed new contract language calling for lab safety, stronger sanctuary campus protections, and for the disarming and demilitarization of campus police.

UC administration still believes 2% per year is an acceptable wage proposal. 2% is a meager $43 per month for most members, which does not even keep pace with inflation. You, our union’s members, know we need much more than that. That’s why we have proposed wage parity with UC’s peer institutions and housing stipends to address skyrocketing rent prices throughout California.

Our current contract expires on June 30 and in the upcoming weeks we’ll be meeting with UC Office of the President (UCOP) at Irvine (June 18-19) and in Oakland (June 28-29) to continue working towards an agreement on our new contract. We make progress at the negotiating table when members get involved, so come out, spread the word, and sign up your friends as members!

We are a member-led union. The strength of our new contract depends on the strength of our membership. Become a department steward or join your campus Organizing Committee.  Now is the time to build our power and win our demands!

We hope to see you on June 18 and 19 at UC Irvine for the next round of bargaining!

In solidarity,

The UC Student-Workers Union, the UAW Local 2865, Bargaining Team

Margaret Mary Downey (Berkeley)
Garrett Shishido Strain (Berkeley)
Emily Breuninger (Davis)
Ashlyn Jaeger (Davis)
Kurt Horner (Irvine)
Francisco Ilabaca (Irvine)
Jonathan Koch (Los Angeles)
Alli Carlisle (Los Angeles)
Daniel Rios (Merced)
Christina Acosta (Merced)
Eden Ragsdale (Riverside)
David Chávez (Riverside)
Raúl Herrera (San Diego)
Davide Carpano (San Diego)
Meg Unden (Santa Barbara)
Hannah Kagan-Moore (Santa Barbara)
Ana McTaggart (Santa Cruz)
Kyle Galindez (Santa Cruz)