Petition/Call: Support CSU student Seth Newmeyer – unfairly targeted for protesting tuition increases

Dear UAW 2865 Members,

On November 16, 2011, UCLA student Seth Newmeyer joined hundreds of California State University students at the CSU Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach to protest proposed tuition increases.  UAW 2865 members and UC students also joined the protest to demand that Chancellor Reed and the CSU Trustees join a campaign to make banks and millionaires pay to fully fund high quality, public higher education.

Seth, along with three other students, was arrested on 11/16 for several unfounded charges.  During the protest an exterior door of the building shattered after a skirmish between police officers and protestors.  Seth was standing near the door when it broke, but video evidence clearly shows he didn’t cause the damage.

Now CSU administrators want to hold Seth responsible for the cost of replacing the $32,000 door!  They have pressured the City Prosecutor into pursuing vandalism charges against Seth, and if we don’t speak out against Seth’s persecution he could be unjustly forced into a personal economic crisis.

Seth’s arraignment is March 6.  Call Long Beach City Prosecutor Douglas Haubert (562-570-5600) to express your concern that Seth is being unfairly targeted for a crime that evidence proves he did not commit.  You can also ask CSU Chancellor Reed (562-951-4700) to take action in support of Seth, a student whose commitment to making public education affordable for all students should be commended.

Finally, please visit this link to sign a petition in support of Seth and to view video that exonerates him of this crime.

In Solidarity,
Cheryl Deutsch, Anthropology – UCLA – UAW 2865 President
Sara Smith, Labor History – UC Santa Cruz – UAW 2865 Northern Vice President
Erin Conley, English – UCLA – UAW 2865 Southern Vice President elect
Charlie Eaton, Sociology – UC Berkeley – UAW 2865 Finance Secretary
Mandy Cohen, Comparative Literature – UC Berkeley – UAW 2865 Recording Secretary
Kyle Arnone, Sociology – UCLA – UAW 2865 Trustee
Nick Kardahji, History – UC Berkeley – UAW 2865 Trustee
Brenda Medina-Hernandez, History – UC Davis – UAW 2865 Trustee
Jordan Brocious, Physics – UC Irvine – UAW 2865 Sergeant at Arms
Blanca Missé, French – UC Berkeley – UAW 2865 Guide

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