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Joint Statement from UC Student-Workers Union and Palestinian Youth Movement:

We Condemn the Israeli Slaughter of the People of Gaza and Express Solidarity with the People of Palestine

We, UAW Local 2865 and Palestinian Youth Movement, condemn the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.

Over 100 Palestinians have been murdered and 12,000 injured over the past six weeks in a prolonged military assault by Israeli Forces.

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Bargaining Update #8: Some Progress, but UC Falling Short on Diversity

“One of the reasons I came to UCI was its commitment to diversity. When I came here, I felt very happy and supported, but now, somehow, that support has vanished.”

—Selena Lucent, UCI student-parent facing eviction from campus housing

June 18-19, 2018, IRVINE,

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Bargaining Update #7: “Title IX will never not be broken.”

Bargaining Session 7 – UC Riverside: June 6 & 7

Title IX will never not be broken. There is no guarantee. Slowing down the grievance process until the Title IX investigation has been completed is an unreasonable ask of student workers.

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Bargaining Update #6: UC Admin to Student-Workers: “Let’s be honest: you are not underpaid for the work you do.”

Santa Cruz – May 31, 2018–This is what the UC admin thinks of our work — a direct quotation from UC Office of the President Chief Negotiator at today’s bargaining session at UC-Santa Cruz. For months, union members have testified about low wages, high rents, and skyrocketing costs of living.

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UC Student-Workers Union to UC Admin: Bargain With Us Over Remedies to Sexual Harassment

Students and workers across the UC face high rates of sexual violence and sexual harassment, and members of the UC Student-Workers Union who have experienced sexual violence and sexual harassment report numerous unfair experiences as a result of the Title IX process. We need a #ViolenceFreeUC in order to have a #UCforALL.

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Bargaining Update #5: 2018 UC For All Contract Campaign

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