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Finals Week Strike FAQ Sheet

FINALS WEEK STRIKE! Frequently Asked Questions What is the strike about? The strike is being called in regards to a series of Unfair Labor Practices (called Unfair Practice Charges or […]

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Finals Week Strike over Escalating Unfair Labor Practices

As you have probably heard, on Saturday, May 31st, if we have not resolved the escalating Unfair Labor Practices committed by UC management and administration, we will announce a ULP […]

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Grade Strike to be Announced May 31

On May 31st, If we have not resolved our disputes over escalating Unfair Labor Practices committed by UC Management and Administration, our union will call announce a strike beginning on the Saturday […]

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Damon Frick Fund

Damon Frick Fund Many of you may have heard the tragic news of Damon Frick, a UC Berkeley custodian, community member, and AFSCME member, who passed away last week due […]

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“Graduate Students of the World, Unite!”

“Graduate Students of the World, Unite!” “The 12,000 instructors represented by Local 2865 are a crucial part of America’s academic workforce. They’re responsible for up to hundreds of students at […]

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“Do not let blue skies and the proximity of the beach distract from the precarious conditions that many in our orbit, on campus and off, live.”

Last week, Dr. Jeanne Scheper, an Associate Professor at UC Irvine and former UAW 2865 steward, gave a brilliant speech on the picket lines in support of striking student workers. […]

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