Check Your Check! Late and Non-Payment Issues with New UC Payroll System

Dear Member,

Are you looking forward to your November 1 paycheck? Me too, but right now I’m worried I’m not going to get paid. That’s because this will be the first check for TAs at UCLA and UCSB under the University’s new UCPath payroll system. UCPath has cost UC nearly $1 billion*, but has been a disaster everywhere it’s been implemented.

So this Thursday (Nov 1st), students at UCSB, UCLA, Riverside, and Merced need to be on alert for underpayment, overpayment, or missing pay altogether.

Hundreds of student workers paid biweekly at UCLA have already missed multiple paychecks since the start of the quarter. At Santa Barbara, students across campus are experiencing delays in tuition remission. Many students have been forced to take out emergency loans and pay tuition on credit cards, and we’ve lost access to benefits that we need to survive. Because of UCPath, I may have to pay for my health insurance out of pocket this term. It’s become so dire that the UCLA administration gave unpaid undergraduate workers the address of a nearby food bank. That’s an outrage.

Yesterday, our union’s Executive Board sent a letter to Dwaine Duckett, Vice President of Human Resources at UC, demanding that the University fix this problem immediately. We also demanded an in-person meeting with Duckett and the head administrators behind UCPath. Union leadership at each of the affected campuses has filed grievances (UCR, UCSB, UCLA, Merced) covering every worker with a bad paycheck or missing benefits, demanding to be made whole. But in order to make sure nobody is left unaccounted for, it is important that you get in touch.

If you work on one of the affected campuses, please consult the pay rates guaranteed by our contract and calculate what you expect to receive in your November 1 paycheck. Keep in mind that your gross November pay should also include a $100 one-time lump sum that we received with the ratification of the new contract.

If your pay or tuition remission is inaccurate or delayed, please fill out this form immediately, and a union steward from your campus will be in touch with you. You should also fill out the form if you experienced any issues that have already been resolved.

In Solidarity,

Griffin Johnson
Union Steward, Department of Film, Television and Digital Media, UCLA

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