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  • Our union is committed to a process of open bargaining where members are 1383408_165924823607311_1135556179_ninvited to all meetings with UC management, to form proposals, give testimony, or show support. Members, look out for emails from your campus officers to find out when bargaining is coming to you.
  • So far, we have found that our greatest success with getting UC to listen to our demands often comes when members mobilize around them. Although open bargaining is a powerful way to do this, mobilization does not end at the bargaining meeting door, and actions in the streets have won students powerful gains like tuition freezes and unionization for graduate student-workers. If you have ideas for how to mobilize around particular demands or concerns about bargaining, contact your campus’ Bargaining Team member or a union activist: contact information is listed here.
  • Print out this flyer explaining what is at stake this year. Pin it up in your office, your department, or your classroom.
  • Our demands are supported by hundreds of UC faculty members who have signed a petition in support started by UC Berkeley faculty members, as well as the UCSC Faculty Association, UCI Faculty Association, UC Berkeley Faculty Association, and UCSD department chairs. We also have the support of undergraduates, including the President of Berkeley’s ASUC. If you’d like to encourage those at your campus to join the call, please read the UCSD chairs’ letter for an example of what letters of support could look like.

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Your Bargaining Team Members

  • Duane Wright, UC Davis
  • Brenda Medina-Hernandez, UC Davis
  • Amanda Armstrong, UC Berkeley
  • Mike Holmes, UC Berkeley
  • Michelle Glowa, UC Santa Cruz
  • Joshua Brahinsky, UC Santa Cruz
  • Eric Chiu, UC Merced
  • Josh Franco, UC Merced
  • Amanda Zeddy, UC Santa Barbara
  • Rob Ackerman, UC Santa Barbara
  • Jason Ball, UC Los Angeles
  • Cody Trojan, UC Los Angeles
  • Robert Wood, UC Irvine
  • Jessica Conte, UC Irvine
  • John Gust, UC Riverside
  • Jason Struna, UC Riverside
  • Arash Arfaee, UC San Diego
  • Leslie Manjarrez, UC San Diego