Bargaining Update #1: 2018 UC For All Contract Campaign

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UC Student-Workers Union stands in solidarity with the Graduate Employees @ at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The UC Student-Workers Union has sent the following letter of solidarity to our fellow grad workers in the Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. GEO went on strike yesterday (Monday, Feb. 26th), after the UIUC administration failed to meet demands crucial to student well-being and the preservation of education quality at UIUC.

UIUC GEO solidarity message
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Sign this petition and attend bargaining to help win a UC For All!

This Wednesday, February 28th, UC student-workers and representatives of the UC Administration will meet in our union’s statewide office in Berkeley to begin contract negotiations. We are very excited to present our groundbreaking “UC for all” bargaining goals, which call for higher wages and full fee remission for student-workers, a plan for affordable housing, sanctuary campuses, and an end to police brutality, sexual harassment, and discrimination on UC campuses. The full list of demands can be found here.

Do you want to help us win a UC for all? Take action now by signing the petition in support of our bargaining goals, then copy and paste the petition link to send it to your friends and colleagues. We will present this petition to the Administration in order to demonstrate the collective power and resolve behind our demands.

Would you like to attend negotiations? As a democratic, member-driven union, we practice open bargaining, which means that all members are welcome to attend negotiations and participate in every stage of the process. Please let us know if you plan to attend the first negotiating session on the 28th in Berkeley. And if you can’t travel to Berkeley this time, don’t worry: negotiations will take place every few weeks at different UC campuses across the state. Also, you can show your solidarity by attending an event at your campus this week — check out our Facebook Events page to see what’s happening on your campus.

The first day of negotiations is scheduled to run from 9:30am-4pm at our Union Hall (2030 Addison Street, Suite 640A in downtown Berkeley). We especially encourage members to attend the morning session (9:30am-12pm), during which we’ll do introductions and present our union’s goals for our new contract. At noon, we’ll rally and share pizza outside the union hall on Addison street, and following the day’s negotiations, we’ll head to Spats (1974 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley) for a union happy hour! Wear your union shirt/union button all day on February 28th to show your solidarity with your co-workers!

Help our union build power for bargaining by signing this petition in support of our bargaining goals, and share the petition with your co-workers and colleagues!

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We are appalled. UC Police Assault AFSCME Demonstrator

Yesterday, AFSCME 3299 worker David Cole was assaulted by a campus police officer while peacefully demonstrating with fellow workers at UC Berkeley (a video of the assault is available here). Cole, a 51-year-old African American cook in Berkeley’s dining services, was injured when police put him in a chokehold, threw him to the ground, and arrested him. He was released on Thursday night after hundreds of fellow workers mobilized in order to demand his release.

We stand in solidarity, anger, and determination with our fellow workers in AFSCME 3299 and all workers fighting for racial and economic justice.

The assault on David Cole occurred during a statewide action spotlighting AFSCME’s contract negotiations, which have reached an impasse after the UC offered a 0% raise over 5 years and threatened cuts to vital benefits like healthcare and pensions. The action on Thursday also honored the legacy of Echol Cole and Robert Walker, two Black sanitation workers in Memphis, TN, who lost their lives exactly 50 years ago due to unsafe working conditions.

In a public statement, AFSCME notes that, as its workers “reaffirmed their commitment to the cause of racial equality, dignity, and respect for workers today, the University of California chose to honor the repressive legacy of the Jim Crow South. This incident only underscores UC’s deplorable record and continued resistance on issues of racial justice. We will not rest until UC agrees to provide its workers with adequate protections for immigrants and people of color.”

The racist violence of Berkeley campus police provides a vivid reminder of what is at stake for our union as we enter our own contract negotiations at the end of this month. In our Bargaining Demands we are calling for the demilitarization of campus police forces. As demonstrated by yesterday’s events, this goal is crucial to making the UC a place where all can work and learn free from harassment, violence, and discrimination.

So, as we stand in solidarity with AFSCME and all members of our communities targeted by racist policing, we prepare to add our collective power to the struggle for justice for UC workers. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about our contract campaign or get involved.


UC Student-Workers Union, UAW 2865

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Please VOTE by Dec 18th: UC Student-Workers Union Initial Bargaining Goals Ratification

Dear unionists,

We are writing today to request your ratification of the 2018 Initial Bargaining Goals for upcoming contract negotiations with UC.

The stakes of this round of bargaining are higher than ever. In the context of the GOP tax bill, anti-immigrant legislation, and other attacks against public education and working people, our union is committed to leading the fight for economic security and social justice in contract negotiations with UC, which are set to begin in 2018. Over the past several months, we have gathered feedback from thousands of UAW 2865 members to craft a transformative bargaining agenda to build power and win justice at UC. The bargaining team is recommending this set of Initial Bargaining Goals for membership approval.

Our union’s elections committee sent out an email via survey monkey on Dec. 5 with a link to vote on these priorities. Please vote to ratify these priorities and add your name as a supporter of the goals.

If you or someone you know is a UAW 2865 member but did not receive an email link, please have them request a ballot here. We will deliver a final copy of the demands, along with the list of supporters, to the University when we start bargaining by March of 2018.

Nearly 4,000 members filled out a bargaining survey, hundreds of members organized bargaining town halls, and member leaders met in Santa Barbara last month for our union’s Statewide Bargaining Convention to provide feedback on the initial draft of the demands and discuss plans to build our collective power to win our demands. We will present these collective priorities to the UC in January 2018, and continue to organize with members across the state in the coming months as we translate our goals into campaigns to win specific proposals.

Our bargaining goals reflect our membership’s commitment to social justice unionism. Student-workers understand the inextricable link between our fight for economic security, for a more inclusive and diverse UC, and for quality, accessible education. Working together, we can make UC safer and more accessible for immigrant, undocumented, and international student-workers. We can win survivor-centered sexual harassment and sexual violence protections. We can win lower student-to-teacher ratios to improve the quality of the education we deliver.

All of this is possible if a majority of student-workers come together to send a decisive message to the UC about our priorities. We look forward to working with you on a strong, member-led contract campaign.

In Solidarity,

The Bargaining Team of the UC Student-Workers Union – UAW 2865

Margaret Mary Downey (Berkeley)
Garrett Shishido Strain (Berkeley)
Emily Breuninger (Davis)
Ashlyn Jaeger (Davis)
Anandi Rao (Irvine)
Francisco Ilabaca (Irvine)
Jonathan Koch (Los Angeles)
Alli Carlisle (Los Angeles)
Rodolfo Rodriguez (Merced)
Christina Acosta (Merced)
J Sebastian (Riverside)
David Chávez (Riverside)
Raúl Herrera (San Diego)
Davide Carpano (San Diego)
Meg Unden (Santa Barbara)
Hannah Kagan-Moore (Santa Barbara)
Ana McTaggart (Santa Cruz)
Kyle Galindez (Santa Cruz)

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UC Student-Workers Rally at #GradTaxWalkout

Today thousands of UC student-workers and allies rallied across our campuses to demand that Congress stop the GOP tax bill and that the UC administration reverse tuition hikes and expand financial support for student-workers. Tax the rich, not the research!


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