Report from the Executive Board and Joint Council, October 15 2011

On October 15th, the Executive Board held its monthly meeting and the Joint Council held its quarterly meeting at UC Davis. Full minutes from both meetings are available to any member upon request by emailing Following is a report from both meetings. If you want more information or want to get involved in any of the projects below, please get in touch with your campus leadership or by emailing

Executive Board

Because this month’s meeting of the Executive Board coincided with the quarterly meeting of the Joint Council, most of the substantial discussions were held at the larger Joint Council meeting and the Executive Board meeting was kept short. The board endorsed a hiring recommendation for the position of bookkeeper. The board also discussed developing a new absence policy for meeting attendance and a new policy for travel reimbursement for officers traveling to Joint Council meetings. Proposals will be brought to the November meeting.

Joint Council

Creating a Vision for our Union: An update from the discussion begun at our July Joint Council meeting, Cheryl Deutsch (president) has drafted a discussion guide for campus membership meetings to gather ideas from members on every campus about a long-term vision for our local. A draft statement will be presented for discussion at the January Joint Council Meeting.

Local Budget: A committee of JC members will be working with Charlie Eaton (financial secretary) to distribute a “Budget Tool Kit” to each campus for discussion this fall in order to develop a multi-year budget for the local.

GSR Committee: Our local is continuing efforts to gather information and begin conversations about the working conditions and issues of graduate students working as researchers, who do not currently have the right to unionize under California state law. We developed plans for a petition drive aimed at the UC administration and the state legislature to pass legislation that will extend collective bargaining rights to graduate student researchers.

Save our Students Committee: We are continuing to develop an online workload survey which will help the local to collect exact information about the workload issues of our members across departments and campuses. The interactive survey will also provide members with information about varying workload in their own department or school. The committee is collecting feedback on the survey from Joint Council members and campus membership before launching the survey.

Education and Organizing Committee: The Joint Council heard reports from new member orientations on every campus. We developed plans for increasing our outreach to new students and new ASEs and created goals for new member sign-up for the fall quarter/semester.

Public Education Committee: The Joint Council endorsed an outline of actions for the November 9th and 10th days of action to ReFund California and the public education system and November 16th and 17th protests at the UC Regents meeting and the CSU Trustees meeting. We endorsed a Call to Action which can be read here [insert link]. We also discussed plans for outreach for these events including organizer trainings which will be lead in partnership with the UCSA.

New Business: The Joint Council endorsed donations to the Labor Project for Working Families, Students for Social Change for a production of “Marx in Soho,” and to La Peña Cultural Center which is working to bring student leaders from Chile to California for a speaking tour.