Minutes from the Executive Board 7/22/11

Minutes taken by Kyle Arnone

Present: Cheryl Deutsch, President; Sara Smith, Northern NP; Elliott Smith, Southern VP; Charlie Eaton, Financial Sec.; Mandy Cohen, Recording Secretary; Nick Kardahji, Trustee; Brenda Medina-Hernandez, Trustee; Kyle Arnone, Trustee (Absent: Blanca Misse, Trustee)

Also present: Ken Lang (IR)

Meeting called to Order, 6:13P

Old Business

  1. Minutes of June EBoard meeting approved

Excuses Committee for the Joint Council

  1. Approval of most requests for an excused absences; tabled one, conditional on new information

Preparations for Joint Council Meeting

  1. Report to be presented to Joint Council on Executive Board projects (statewide committees, orientations, trainings for JC officers, etc.)
  2. Report to be presented to Joint Council on union finances, information for new officers, and the functioning of the JC
  3. Create sign-in sheet asking JC members about their access to union resources (office keys, member lists, computer password, etc.)
  4. Review agenda for JC meeting on July 23, 2011

Budget Proposal

  1. Presentation of budget projection through the end of 2011, and budget summary since 2007
  2. Per the bylaws, budget for four Eboard members and all Unit Chairs, but Eboard will raise the issue with the Joint Council for further consideration


  1. Approval of renewing the appointment John and Aaminah starting in the Fall
  2. Will send appointment letter with adjusted pay scale (only an increase) pending further research on the differential pay scale between “mid-range” TA/GSI and administrative staff

Next Eboard Meeting: Do a Doodle

Location: UC Davis

Meeting Adjourned