Executive Board Decisions made by Phone and Email, 8/1-9/23/2011

UAW 2865 Executive Board Decisions Made by Email & Conference Call

August 1 – 20, 2011

Conference Call Decisions

Call, 8/18/2011

  • Orientation Materials: Order 2,000 of current button design, 250 red and black t-shirts, 5,000 new membership cards (approved). Discussion of ordering new Know Your Rights Flyer, but first will wait to see if the Education committee is creating a new pamphlet. Sara Smith (Northern VP) will contact a graphic designer friend to see about the possibility of getting a new button designed. We will order 3,000 more buttons once we have a new design. If we don’t have a new design, we’ll order 3,000 of the old design in time for orientations.
  • Staffing the Executive Board in the Fall: Sara Smith will be the Campus Campaigns Coordinator, Elliott Kim (Southern VP) will be the Solidarity Coordinator, and Cheryl Deutsch (President) will be the Internal Reforms/Communications person, all at 50% appointments. (approved)
  • Point person for Orientations: Sara Smith agreed to work at 25% until the fall quarter starts to help organize orientations statewide.
  • Utilizing Orientation Funds: Charlie Eaton (Financial Secretary) will email the Executive Board with a proposed process for accessing funding for orientations, which was approved at the July Joint Council meeting.
  • Next In-Person Executive Board Meeting: August 27, UC Berkeley UAW 2865 Office. Nick Kardahji (Trustee) will facilitate and work on agenda. Mandy Cohen (Recording Secretary) will draft a membership update and email announcement about the Executive Board meeting, to be sent to the membership by Saturday (August 20th).
  • Financial Reports: Charlie Eaton, per a request, will make monthly financial reports available to members who want to see them.
  • Email Tool Update: Mandy Cohen will work with Kristin Ebora (office staff) to come up with a protocol for campuses to send emails to their campus’s union membership.
  • GSR Update: Gut and amend current legislation to include organizing rights for GSRs is possible again. Need to send delegation of members to Sacramento for legislator visits. Need to coordinate delegations. Meeting of UCUC leadership with Steinberg, need Eboard member to attend. Mike and Ken want to help. Jordan Brocious (Sergeant at Arms) can assist with organizing delegations. Charlie can advise, but has QEs this week. Sara can help with UCUC meeting. Jordan can potentially attend.
  • Updating the Union Website: needs more regular updates. goal of updating daily, check with Cheryl about being the webmaster during the fall quarter. Blanca Misse (Trustete) can help for next month (until quarters begin).
  • Sponsorship of UCSA Conference: Approved $250 to sponsor conference. Goal to continue and improve organizing relationship with UCSA.
  • Decorating the Union office: goal to make it actually like a union hall. Nick K. is calling a meeting to redecorate. Approval to use rest of Furniture and Equipment Budget to redecorate (probably no more than $150).
  • Mass Mobilization: Discuss more at in-person meeting on August 27th.

Email Decisions

  • 8/15/2011: authorize reimbursements for members to travel to UCSA conference at UC Riverside the weekend of 8/19-21. Approved. Reimbursement for ground transportation and registration only.
  • 8/15/2011: Funding for 2 members from San Diego and an E-Board member to travel to Sacramento later this week for a meeting with Senator Kehoe re: the GSR organizing bill. Approved.

Interim Executive Board Decisions
August 28 – September 23, 2011

Decisions by email:
• Approved: $200 for September 22nd day of action materials at UC Berkeley.

Outstanding decisions by email:
• Printing 500 copies of a flier for a Townhall on Austerity at UC Berkeley (Blanca, Charlie,
Sara, Cheryl).
• Printing more childcare reimbursement fliers (Sara, Mandy, Brenda, Cheryl, Jordan).
• Request money from Northern CA CAP Council for $20,000 to support Progressive Tax
Alliance polling (Charlie, Blanca, Sara, Cheryl, Elliott).
• Request money from Northern CA CAP Council for Chilean students’ visit.

September 9 EBoard call:

1. EBoard and Unit Chair payroll work reporting: EBoard staff will report work done bi-
weekly in a joint email to the JC listserv. Unit chairs will report bi-weekly to other
officers on their campus, copying the EBoard.
2. Transparency in EBoard meeting minutes on the website: Post “abbreviated” minutes
on website. Detailed minutes to be sent to campus email address and membership
notified of their availability.
3. Approved: rental of one car for next EBoard meeting in San Diego, if needed.