Executive Board Decisions 5/15-6/24, 2011

In addition to our monthly meetings, the Executive Board meets weekly on a conference call as well as corresponding over email. Here is an updated report on decisions taken over email or on a call. Minutes from our monthly meetings are also posted on this site.

Executive Board Call, 6/15/2011

Hiring an accountant:
Discussion of hiring an accountant to help us sort out the union’s financial records, help with our internal audit, and develop a budget for the union. Three people to be interviewed, and recommendation will be sent to the Executive Board by Friday, June 17, 2011.

Member inquiry about letting go Sayil Camacho and Coral Wheeler:
Decision: The Executive Board received an email from a member requesting a clarification about why the Executive Board decided to let go both Sayil Camacho and Coral Wheeler, current staff organizers. The member requested all past E-Board minutes, official and non-official, and corresponding emails be forwarded to him. The Executive Board decided to respond that all members are entitled to all official minutes of the E-Board, but are not entitled to personal conversations between E-Board members. Sara Smith, Northern VP, volunteered to reply.

In-Person Executive Board Meeting, June 24th, UCSC:
Brainstormed agenda items. Will send out to membership and Joint Council one week in advance.

Statewide Union Office Staff:
Two of the office staff normally get appointment letters. Decision to provide summer appointment letters to two of the office staff for the entire summer.

Stewards on Website:
Decision: Sara Smith volunteered to get a list of stewards to add to UAW2865.org. Currently, only E-Board members, head stewards, unit chairs, and recording secretaries are listed. (Status: done by June 17, 2011)

Executive Board Call, 6/6/2011

Decision to set up committee to develop a proposal about summer staffing, to be discussed further at the in-person Executive Board meeting on June 24th at UCSC, as well as possibly the Joint Council meeting in July. Brenda, Charlie, and possibly Mandy on this committee.

Hiring Legal Counsel:
Mandy, Brenda, and Nick volunteered to send an email to the JC explaining the rationale for hiring additional legal counsel.

Meeting Notification:
Kyle and Mandy volunteered to draft email to go to campus elected leadership about the requirements for noticing monthly membership meetings.

Letting go Sayil Camacho and Coral Wheeler:
Nick volunteered to send an email to the Joint Council notifying them of the decision to let go both Sayil Camacho and Coral Wheeler, two staff organizers for the union.

Executive Board Call, 5/30/2011

LaborFest Ad:
Decision to approve $300 for an ad in LaborFest schedule (http://www.laborfest.net/)

Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions:
Decision to send email to Joint Council to solicit interest in attending the CGEU conference in August. Sara volunteered to coordinate.

Emails from E-Board:
Decision to add names of E-Board members to all emails going to membership, so that membership knows who we are.

List of Tasks:
Decision that each E-Board member write up a list of tasks they’ve been working on and tasks they think they should be working on. Brenda volunteered to collect this information, to be further discussed at the in-person meeting on June 24th. This information will also help us think about summer staffing.

Decision to hire an accountant or bookkeeper to help us develop a budget immediately and get our finances in order. For now, accountant/bookkeeper would just be hired for 2 months as we determine our needs. Charlie volunteered to draft job posting and circulate it among the E-Board over email.

Legal Counsel:
Decision to make final decision about hiring additional legal counsel over email this week.

Executive Board Call, 5/23/2011

Legal Counsel:
Some discussion about hiring additional legal counsel to help with reform project. Decision to get more information from Jonathan Segal before making final decision. Charlie volunteered to contact Jonathan Segal to get more information about his history and send to E-Board.

Decision to send email to membership about hiring additional legal counsel along with report from membership meeting, last in-person Executive Board meeting at UCLA, and announcement of the next in-person E-Board meeting. Mandy volunteered to do this.

Initial discussion about hiring short-term bookkeeper/accountant, decision to post-postpone final decision until we’ve had time to think about it more.

GSR Campaign:
Bill to give Graduate Student Researchers right to organize making its way through the state legislature. Decision to do lobbying day next week on June 3, 2011. Charlie will be in Sacramento next week, will recruit lobbyists and do some research. Cheryl will draft email to JC and possibly membership with an update and appeal for help, as first step to form a GSR organizing committee.

Decisions Made over Email

Email, June 7th, 2011 from Mandy Cohen: Proposed putting the following on the union’s website: “Roberts Rules Cheat Sheet”; information about becoming a steward; reports from the E-Board and about campaigns get posted under “member updates” on the website; add a calendar for events to the website. Decision to go ahead and do all of the above.

Email, June 7, 2011 from Sara Smith: Proposed to the union spend $75 to reserve a room at UC Santa Cruz for the in-person Executive Board on June 24th. Approved.

Email, June 7, 2011 from Mandy Cohen: After receiving several member complaints, the Executive Board decided to send email to campus recording secretaries informing them of the following: they need to send emails about monthly membership meetings to the statewide Recording Secretary, Mandy Cohen, 9 days in advance of the meeting (per a previous decision of the union) and that emails to the membership noticing monthly membership meetings must go out no later than 7 days in advance of the meeting (per the bylaws). If a monthly membership meeting has not been set up, the statewide Recording Secretary (Mandy Cohen) will, moreover, send reminder emails about the need to set up monthly membership meetings to all campus recording secretaries ten days before the end of the month during the regular academic year. Campus recording secretaries were also notified that these deadlines will be strictly enforced in the future, to ensure that the membership has plenty of notice about the meetings.

Email, June 2, 2011 from Cheryl Deutsch: E-Board vote — final decision to retain the legal services of Jonathan Segal. Note that this decision does not involve ending the use of previous legal services.

Email, June 2, 2011 from Charlie Eaton: Decision to approve job posting for hiring an accountant.