Executive Board Decisions by Phone and Email, 9/26-11/17/2011

Interim Executive Board Decisions
September 26 – October 14, 2011

  • approve signing on as the Eboard to a letter demanding information be made public about police violence at Berkeley on 9/22
  • approve travel reimbursement for EBoard members to attend appeals in Fremont, by email on 10/2
  • Berkeley unit requests for funding: $500 for Chilean student activists and $200 for Marx in SoHo (?)
  • Approval of $300 for October 27th Day of Action at Davis.
  • ReFund California pledge and funding request documents: approved by email October 4th.
  • Endorsement of OWS for website. By email 10/8.
  • Approval of funding for one or two members to attend Future of Higher Ed Conference in Boston November 4-6th. By email 10/10ish.
  • Approval of $5000 for buses on November 16th. By email.


Interim EBoard decisions

Approve Berkeley unit hiring 2 25% organizers or 1 50% organizer with leftovers from Jenn’s unclaimed fee remissions and 25% time money for the rest of the semester. By email 10/17.

Approve spending $978 for UCLA and Berkeley posters Nov 9-16. By email 10/19

Approve money for Adam Hefty to travel to LA for the vacancy election vote count. By email 10/21.

Approve money for Charlie to travel to LA for ReFund coordination. By email 10/21.

Approve printing costs for all campus posters, flyers: total $3500 (with help from other unions possible). By email 10/22.

Approve support for Occupy Oakland solidarity statement. By email 10/26ish.

Approve printing of workload grids. By email 10/26.

Approve using Berkeley office for CD training. By email 10/30.

Approve extra $200 for printing at Berkeley. By email 10/30.

Approve OccupyOakland general strike support email to membership. By email 10/31.

Approve signing onto CNA/UPTE press release with regard to Oakland police violence. By email 10/31.

Approve hiring Nancy Wu Choy as a bookkeeper. By email 11/1.

Approved funding 3 people to go to meet with Jim Wells. At least one non-eboard member will be among the 3 if a non-board member wants to go. We approve hotel stay, rental car if it is not possible to fly in and out on the same day without taking a red-eye. By conference call 11/6.

Approve printing ReFund placards for Nov 9th. By email 11/8.

Approve student strike support email for Nov 15th. By email 11/13.

Approve $500 for food for Long Beach action on Nov 16th. By email 11/15.

Approve CSU letter in response to Long Beach events. By email 11/17.