Upcoming Healthcare Meeting with the UC

Dear UAW2865 Member,

As you all know, this academic year the UC rolled out its new, system-wide healthcare plan ‘UCShip’, which now covers all UC campuses and provides medical, dental and vision coverage to enrolled UC students. Under the terms of our contract, the UC is required to meet with us regularly to discuss any changes to, or problems with, healthcare benefits. The next such meeting is scheduled for Friday February 24th at 12pm.

There are already a number of important issues we plan to raise with management, in particular problems with the pricing of some medications and the current limits set on annual and lifetime benefits. But there are undoubtedly other important issues which need to be raised too, so if you have experienced any problems with, or have any concerns about, any aspects of the new UCShip plan, we’d like to actively encourage you to contact your local campus union officers and pass those concerns along.

As part of our ongoing project to reform our union and return power to rank-and-file members, the local is establishing a new statewide ‘Healthcare Committee’ to keep track of healthcare issues and to help us better prepare for future negotiations with the UC. All members are welcome to be a part of this committee, contact your local officers to get involved.

Lastly, but importantly, any members who are interested are invited and encouraged to attend the meeting with the UC on the 24th. Our strength in these discussions and negotiations flows entirely from the solidarity and participation of our members in this, and all aspects of the Local’s campaigns and activities.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and we will be sending an update on healthcare issues following the meeting with management.


Kyle Arnone, Sociology – UCLA – UAW 2865 Trustee
Jordan Brocious, Physics – UC Irvine – UAW 2865 Sergeant at Arms
Mandy Cohen, Comparative Literature – UC Berkeley – UAW 2865 Recording Secretary
Cheryl Deutsch, Urban Planning – UCLA – UAW 2865 President
Charlie Eaton, Sociology – UC Berkeley – UAW 2865 Finance Secretary
Nick Kardahji, History – UC Berkeley – UAW 2865 Trustee
Brenda Medina-Hernandez, History – UC Davis – UAW 2865 Trustee
Blanca Missé, French – UC Berkeley – UAW 2865 Guide
Sara Smith, Labor History – UC Santa Cruz – UAW 2865 Northern Vice President

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