Lapse of Health Coverage for UCLA Student-Workers

Dear Los Angeles Members,

There is an urgent situation regarding UCLA student-workers’ health care coverage. We have heard from members in four departments that their registration and/or tuition fees have not been paid by the university on time. This late payment has resulted in student-workers being unable to pick up their prescriptions at the Ashe Center or to make doctor’s appointments. Student-workers have also seen their UCLA health insurance lapse. This situation may apply to members in the departments of Comparative Literature, Mathematics, Political Science, and Spanish and Portuguese. If you are in another department and are affected by this as well, please contact us immediately.

The union is working hard to address this issue, but Labor Relations was unresponsive to our request for an urgent meeting this afternoon. Furthermore, Labor Relations has failed to provide us with a timeline for remedying these violations of our contract. We have also informed Grad Division and the Chancellor’s Office of the situation.

Until this situation is resolved, we are advising members that their UCLA medical and dental insurance may have lapsed. If that is the case, they should be prepared to pay for medical needs out of pocket. We have consulted with our lawyer, and we believe that UCLA will be responsible for any costs that Academic Student Employees (TAs, tutors, and readers) incur as a result of a lapse in their health insurance due to UCLA’s failure to respect our contract. If you incur out of pocket medical expenses, please contact the Union; we will assist you in obtaining a refund for these costs from the University.

If there are any members who have an urgent medical situation that they cannot pay for out of pocket, please contact the union at or call our Fall Organizer Jonathan Koch at 301-448-2031. We are attempting to secure funds for emergencies, and we will address them on a case-by-case basis.

We hope to have more information at our membership meeting on Monday where we will also discuss next steps.


UAW 2865 at UCLA