Late paycheck? Take action!

Despite our proactive outreach to top UC administrators alerting them to the problems with the UCPath payroll system, we have heard from hundreds of workers who were not paid or were paid the wrong amount.

If you are not being paid, or being paid the wrong amount:

  1. Report your issue to our union. If you have heard anything about pay from your department or UC administrators, let us know in the comments section.
  2. Contact your elected representatives. As a public institution, UC is accountable to the lawmakers we elect, and they need to take action when UC is not paying its workers. We created this statement template that you can copy/paste into the representatives’ contact forms on their web pages. You can also email the text to their provided email.

A few other pieces of information:

  • The new contract recently ratified by union members included a one-time bonus of $100. We have learned that if you were entered into the new UC Path system between Oct. 1 and Oct. 31, you should receive your bonus in your Dec. 1 check.
  • Check whether you’ve been paid correctly by following this easy checklist.

The letter our Executive Board sent to top UC administrators can be found on our website.


I work as an Academic Student Employee (ASE) at UCSB.

November 1st was payday, but the University has not paid me or hundreds of my co-workers. This violates our union contract and creates serious hardships for ASEs:

  • Missing or paying rent late,
  • Being unable to pay for groceries and medication,
  • Paying tuition on credit cards, and
  • Being dropped from classes because tuition is not remitted/paid.

UC’s new payroll system UCPath caused the failure to pay us on time, despite grievances (UCRUCSBUCLAMerced) and a letter to UC’s Senior Leadership urging them to ensure our timely pay. This not only hurts ASEs, but also wastes precious state resources–the California State Auditor projected that UCPath would cost UC $942 million.

Please contact UCSB Chancellor Yang and urge him to pay us immediately and make us whole for any harm resulting from the failure of UCPath.