May 2015 Vacancy Result and Run-Off

We write to announce the results of the recent vacancy election.  The vote totals were:

Trustee (Statewide):
Jasmine Armstrong: 62
David McCleary: 195

Thanks to all those who voted, and congratulations to our newly elected officer!

Merced Unit Chair:

Karen Deeming: 9
Erin Ray: 10
Jasmine Armstrong: 3

Because none of the three candidates for Merced Unit Chair received a majority of votes cast for that race, a run-off election will be held tomorrow, Thursday, May 14, 2015, between the two candidates who received the most votes, Karen Deeming and Erin Ray.  The polling times and places are:

5/14    10am-1pm    SSM 333
5/14    3pm-6pm    Lantern

A sample ballot can be found here along with the Candidate Statements.

Spread the word and come out and vote! Eligible persons can obtain membership in Local 2865 at the polls.

In solidarity,

Local 2865 Elections Committee