Minutes from the Joint Council, 7/23/2011, UCLA

Taken by Mandy Cohen (Recording Secretary, Executive Board), Nick Kardahji (Trustee, Executive Board), and Kyle Arnone (Trustee, Executive Board)

Attendance: See table below.

Start: 1:00 pm

I. New officer initiation

II. Report from the Executive Board: new approach to eboard after election. The Executive Board is working as a collective, and there’s more responsibility in the Joint Council in strategy and policy making, responsibilities and resources for JC members

III. Questions and sign-in [collect info from sheets]: General responsibilities of Joint Council members, passed around a couple of sign up sheets to make sure JC members have access to everything they need to do their jobs, including being trained on how to use the member database, access to the username and passwords to union office computers, keys to union offices, setting up uaw2865.org email addresses for JC members who want one, etc.

IV. Report on matters the lawyer has been consulted on.

V. Report on staff and officers on payroll: Two E-Board members working halftime over the summer (Elliott Kim and Nick Kardahji), one E-Board member working quarter time (Mandy Cohen, Recording Secretary).

Questions: how can campus leadership/members get access to legal advice. Answer: Write to any e-board member and request to be put in touch with lawyer.

Statewide emails have had statewide reply address, not campus reply address. Should be campus.

Request for accurate log of consultation with lawyer.

VI. Scheduling next JCs

Motion for Oct JC at UC Davis (m,s,c)

Motion for date: Oct 15th at 1pm

Motion for Jan JC at UCSB (m,s,c)

Motion for date: Jan 21st at 1pm (m,s,c)

Planning committee to be set on JC list

Discussion of 2-day JC meetings, to be revisited at end of meeting or next meeting

VII. Financial Report & local budget

Presentation of interim 6 month budget, need for participatory long term budget. 

Motion to approve proposed budget (m,s,c)

Ken (IR) speaks to the UAW International’s commitment to higher ed organizing and strong likelihood of committing funds and resources to GSR organizing.

Motion to adopt June financial report (m,s,c)

Second Quarter Financial Report, download by clicking here: 2011 2nd Quarter Financial Report

2011 Year-to-Date Financial Report, download by clicking here: 2011 Year-to-Date Financial Report


(Restart at 3:35)

VII. Committee Reports & Discussion (sign-up sheet circulated)

  • Report from the GSR Organizing Committee (Eran Zelnik):
    • SB 259 (bill to allow GSRs to organize) in suspense  until Jan 2012
    • Proposal to ‘gut and amend’ another bill to get legislation passed more quickly; should this fail, SB 259 campaign resumes
    • Alongside this, campus-level efforts to begin organizing GSRs, a point person for every campus to help coordinate these efforts  (m,s,c)
    • Public Education/Mass Mobilization (Chris Schildt):
      • Committee’s work in its earliest stages; volunteers to join the committee are strongly encouraged
      • Conversations ongoing with allies/other forces
      • Recognition that the fight is two pronged – state-level and UC-level
      • Proposal to enjoin a Mass Mobilization/’Crisis’ committee & to initiate campus-level discussions on the public education/budget crisis fight
      • Education & Organizing Committee (Josh Brahinsky):
        • How to boost membership to more like 80%? How do we create a ‘learning’ environment for the membership?
        • Orientations are a key focus at the moment
        • Developing better approaches to handling grievances
        • New member booklet – help needed!
        • UCLA campus has a committee working on this stuff – eager to connect with others
        • Save our Students Committees (Amanda Armstrong & Pablo Gaston):
          • Grievance underway regarding Benefits Decentralization policy
          • Another conference call to happen soon to further discuss organizing around BD
          • Work-load survey (approved at last JC mtg) to be put online; call to be convened soon to discuss survey further
          • Yuting – Covell tutors (peer tutors) at UCLA are funded as a ‘student service’ not under academic programs; 120 tutors facing job loss as funding is slashed
          • Megan – couple of folks are working on putting together informational materials on the cuts
          • Anti-Oppression Committee (Cheryl Deutsch):
            • Committee still in its formative stage
            •  Solidarity Committee (Nick Kardahji)
              • Committee still starting up; making sure we’re participating in CLCs, UCUC mtgs, other unions, community/student groups etc
              • Also working on education/solidarity with national and international struggles
              • Democracy & Transparency Committee (Larissa Mann )
                • No one is point person for this committee, folks should step up if they are interested in these issues
                • Media & Communication Committee (Mary-Virginia Watson)
                  • Need folks to join – both strategic thinkers and techie people
                  • UCLA has a blog
                  • Folks needed to help re-think/update the union’s website

VIII. Three-Year Vision Discussion & Planning

How do we develop a collective vision as a local? How can we best engage members in this discussion? Process proposals are welcome.

A free-ranging discussion ensued:

–        More members (80%)!

–        Overturn Prop 13

–        Improved inter-member communication

–        New revenue from rich people for public education

–        Stewards networks!

–        Organizing trainings

–        Class sizes in our contract

–        Restructuring of the UC budget – a change in priorities

–        Coordinated bargaining strategy with other UC unions

–        Building better ties with undergrads, other workers

–        GSRs organized!

–        Campus-level bargaining demands

–        Free and fair elections

–        No strike clause out of the contract

Ideas for a process for developing a vision for the union:

–        Department meetings

–        Unit meetings

–        Joint council committee

–        Better plans for orientations to engage new members in the strategy process

–        Written proposals for strategy to be put up on the union website

–        Survey of members and non-members

–        Have something ready for the next JC on the union’s vision

–        Organizers trainings will be essential to this process

Synthesis of process ideas – i) JC committee on ‘vision’ development; ii) unit meetings to discuss member ideas; iii) ideas sent to committee to aggregate and formulate a document to be discussed at the next JC

Motion to form JC committee to catalogue ideas and put them up on the website, prepare written materials to be used at campus unit meetings; unit meetings to give feedback, submit new proposals to be re-circulated (m,s,c)

IX. Fall Quarter/Semester Planning

Proposals from Josh – summer pay for unit should be used by every campus to help prepare for orientations (withdrawn); second proposal to set aside funding for orientation events from the ‘New Member Orientation Fund’ (communication with Region 5 on this issue – Asst. Director informed us that ‘membership’ should decide how to use this money) with $2000 to be set aside for these events plus funding for two weeks of staff time for planning orientation (for a total expenditure of around $27,000 for all nine campuses, assuming all monies are used); amendment to require submission of line item budget to E-board for approval (fails); original motion (m,s,c)

Adjourned for break (5:57pm)

Reconvened 6:20pm

X. Proposed Bylaws Amendments


  1. Reading of bylaws pertaining to bylaws changes
  2. Proposed bylaws change reads: “Each campus unit shall elect a minimum of one steward for each 50 (50) members in good standing, or major portion thereof, with a maximum of the number of stewards to which the campus unit would be entitled if all individuals employed in the campus bargaining unit were members in good standing, and a minimum of four (4). Each campus unit will determine the number and apportionment of its stewards, but where possible stewards shall be allocated hiring unit (last sentence omitted)”
  3. Motion to refer amendment to the Bylaws Committee, Seconded
    1. Concern expressed that the spirit of the proposed change is not reflected in the text of the proposed bylaw
    2. Motion passes
    3. Motion to allow bylaws committee to clarify language to clarify content, if necessary, seconded
      1. Motion passes


XI. Old Business

  1. None


XII. New Business

  1. Motion to adopt resolution supporting prison hunger strike
    1. Resolution read aloud (Sara Smith)
    2. Resolution reads: Pelican Bay Hunger Strike
    3. Motion passes
    4. Motion: Any summer work hours not appropriated by the unit chair may be allocated to a person of the unit leadership’s choosing.
      1. Motion to Amend: Unit chair may yield the two weeks of summer reimbursement, and the unit leadership may allocate those funds as they wish.
      2. Chair elects to take a temperature on amendment to the motion
      3. Discussion extended
      4. Motion to reapportion the funds allocated for the unit chair’s summer reimbursement to the unit “orientation fund,” in the event that the unit chair declines reimbursement (final version)
      5. Passes
      6. Motion to Send an email to Mike on behalf of the Joint Council expressing our condolences
        1. Cheryl will draft

XIII. Good and Welfare

XIV. Adjourn


 Meeting Attendance

Name Campus Position Present Excused
Cheryl Deutsch Irvine President Y
Sara Smith Santa Cruz Northern VP Y
Elliott Kim Riverside Southern VP Y
Charlie Eaton Berkeley Financial Secretary y
Mandy Cohen Berkeley Recording Secretary y
Kyle Arnone Los Angeles Trustee y
Brenda Medina-Hernandez Davis Trustee y
Nick Kardahji Berkeley Trustee y
Blanca Missé Berkeley Guide N Y
Jordan Brocious Irvine Sergeant at Arms y
Jennifer Tucker Berkeley Unit Chair N Y
Megan Wachspress Berkeley Recording Secretary y
Amanda Armstrong Berkeley Head Steward y
Chris Schildt Berkeley Head Steward y
Jessica M Smith Berkeley Head Steward N Y
Joshua Williams Berkeley Head Steward N
Katy Fox-Hodess Berkeley Head Steward y
Larisa Mann Berkeley Head Steward y
Manuel Rosaldo Berkeley Head Steward N Y
Michelle (Micki) McCoy Berkeley Head Steward N Y
Natalia Chousou-Polydouri Berkeley Head Steward y
Pablo Gaston Berkeley Head Steward y
Rachel Brahinsky Berkeley Head Steward y
Rob Connell Berkeley Head Steward N Y
Shane Boyle Berkeley Head Steward N Y
Xochitl Alicia Lopez Davis Head Steward y
Justin B. Clement Davis Unit Chair N Y
Nickolas Mario Perrone Davis Recording Secretary N
A.J. Morgan Davis Head Steward y
Andrew Higgins Davis Head Steward y
Eran Zelnik Davis Head Steward y
Jessica Taal Davis Head Steward N
Jordan Scavo Davis Head Steward y
Tim Gutierrez Davis Head Steward y
Robert Wood Irvine Unit Chair y
Anne Kelly Irvine Recording Secretary y
Alfredo Carlos Irvine Head Steward y
Ben Cox Irvine Head Steward y
Chima Anyadike-Danes Irvine Head Steward N Y
Daniel Seneca Lindsey Irvine Head Steward y
Jordan Brocious Irvine Head Steward y
Véronique Fortin Irvine Head Steward N Y
Michael Wartenbe LA Unit Chair y
Matthew Luckett LA Recording Secretary N Y
Albert Lowe LA Head Steward N Y
Alexandra Apolloni LA Head Steward y
James Owen Sizemore LA Head Steward n
Keith Stevens LA Head Steward y
Lisa Millora LA Head Steward N Y
Locke Welborn LA Head Steward y
Jacob Burstein-Stern LA Head Steward y
Sam Baltimore LA Head Steward n
Yu-ting Huang LA Head Steward y
Teresa Rinaldi Merced Unit Chair N Y
Eric Chiu Merced Recording Secretary n
John Gust Riverside Unit Chair y
Jonathan Jay Dubois Riverside Recording Secretary y
Aliana López de Victoria Riverside Head Steward y
Guanyang Zhang Riverside Head Steward N Y
Jason Struna Riverside Head Steward y
Joshua Hollowell Riverside Head Steward y
Isabella Placentia Riverside Extra Head Steward
Arash Arfaee San Diego Unit Chair n
Leslie Manjarrez San Diego Recording Secretary y
Aaron Cotkin San Diego Head Steward y
Chris Drue San Diego Head Steward y
David Selby San Diego Head Steward N ?
Ian Michael Mullins San Diego Head Steward n
Longhao Wang San Diego Head Steward n
Robert L Long San Diego Head Steward y
Sifang You San Diego Head Steward n
Filiberto Nolasco Santa Barbara Unit Chair y
Rob Ackermann Santa Barbara Recording Secretary n
Amanda Zeddy Santa Barbara Head Steward N Y
Brian Lovato Santa Barbara Head Steward y
Meredith L. Heller Santa Barbara Head Steward y
Steven Attewell Santa Barbara Head Steward N Y
Mary Virginia Watson Santa Cruz Unit Chair y
Josh Brahinsky Santa Cruz Recording Secretary y
Katheryn (Michelle) Glowa Santa Cruz Head Steward y
Kelsi Evans Santa Cruz Head Steward y