There is an Alternative: Organize, Mobilize, Occupy!

UAW Local 2865 endorses the ongoing movement to Occupy Wall Street and other sites of corporate and financial power. Workers, students, and community members from coast to coast have mobilized to both oppose cuts in funding for vital public services and demand that corporations and the richest members of society pay their fair share. We support and stand with those fighting against corporate greed and inequality.

Since the economic meltdown of 2008, workers and students have been forced to swallow the bitter pill of austerity while those corporate heads and financiers responsible for the implosion have grown richer than ever. Public sector employees continue to face an onslaught of attacks upon their benefits and livelihoods, students are confronted with higher tuitions and indebted futures, and average workers in the private sector are daily forced to meet the specter of unemployment and poverty head-on. Meanwhile, the income gap between the top one percent and the bottom ninety-nine continues to grow ever wider. Adding insult to injury, the wealthiest Americans and the politicians who do their bidding refuse to invest in the wellbeing of those who actually create their wealth. We sow the seeds, and they reap the rewards.

In California, corporate and right-wing interests have been on the cutting edge of a nation-wide political effort to force austerity upon the majority of state residents – all the while continuing to support tax breaks for millionaires and corporations. In concert with a coalition of labor, student, and community organizations, UAW Local 2865 is working to mobilize discontent over immanent budget shortfalls into direct action to ReFund essential social services in the state. A renewed commitment to – and investment in – the public realm would create millions of new jobs and provide California workers and students with important services. We believe that Wall Street and those who have profited from the financial crisis should pay for the damage they have caused to the public at large. An increase in income taxes on the wealthiest one percent, as well as the repeal of corporate property tax loopholes, would ensure that all Californians have access to important services such as education.

Enough is enough. There is an alternative to austerity and inequality: organize, mobilize, and demand that corporations and the richest Americans pay their fair share to refund vital public services and public education!