Petition to improve UC-SHIP; ongoing payroll issues

Campaign to Improve Healthcare

Members from across the state have come together to author a petition to the Student Health Advisory Committees and UC Chancellors to make much-needed improvements to Academic Student Employee (ASE) care. Building on ASE responses to a statewide healthcare survey, the petition calls for lower co-pays for mental healthcare, lower dependent care premiums, and member-led peer-to-peer trainings on SHIP.

Missing Pay Hurts Workers, Diminishes UC

UAW Local 2865 member Ian Heimbuch calls out UCPath’s failures in today’s Sacramento Bee.  He’s owed over $8,000 in back pay by the University, and writes “the UC has chosen to place the burden of their own mistakes on the backs of its workers, effectively using them as an interest-free bank while they sort out the payroll system’s kinks.”

UCSB members about to speak with Chancellor Yang about ongoing UCPath issues, Tuesday, January 29, 2019.

At UC-Santa Barbara, union members brought a letter to Chancellor Yang this week demanding that workers—still unpaid for any of the work they performed last quarter—be paid immediately. The Chancellor committed to paying those workers in full by tomorrow, February 1.

Please look at your paystub tomorrow and report here if you have any issues.