Support request: prevent financial aid cuts to unionized student workers at the CSU’s

The leaders and other members of UAW Local 2865, representing student workers at the University of California campuses, would like to let you know about a threat to graduate student financial aid at the California State University (CSU) campuses.

In solidarity and because we don’t want to see any kinds of cuts to state aid for any public university students, we’re asking you to consider taking actions to express concern over this situation.

This Wednesday April 18, Chancellor Reed and the 23 CSU campus presidents are meeting in Long Beach to discuss eliminating $90 million in funding State University Grants (SUGs). Over the past year, students working toward advanced degrees have already experienced a 12% fee increase and the discontinuation of the federal subsidized loan program.

If passed, this attack on financial aid would increase the annual attendance cost for 20,000 graduate students by nearly $6,000. Ironically, the proposal comes on the heels of Board of Trustees meeting where they voted to increase campus presidents’ pay!

Cutting funding for university grants has dangerous consequences for CSU.  For decades, SUGs have been a critical tool for making advanced degrees accessible to an increasingly diverse California.

If approved, this enormous cut to CSU’s financial aid program would force thousands of graduate students to drop out, increase time to degree, take on increased and detrimental debt, or never start graduate school in the first place.

CSU Administrators may be hoping that graduate students will allow this vote to pass without comment.

 You can take action now to stop cuts to graduate student financial aid!

— UAW 2865 members and friends can show their support for CSU students and graduate school financial aid:



– to your department email list; your disciplinary email lists; your friends; your family.

– Post the link to Facebook with a support message of your own. Example: “Chancellor Reed and the CSU “leaders” in Long Beach are trying to sneak this cut past us at a closed door meeting this week – help me quickly increase the visibility of this blatant attack on CSU graduate students.”


– Join fellow grad students from around the CSU to deliver our petition to Chancellor Reed and CSU administrators.  Event information is here:
The Facebook page will be updated with time and location information as it’s available.

Contact: Rich Anderson,
UAW Local 4123, Representing Over 6,000 Academic Student Employees at CSU

(916) 498 8452

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