Proposed bylaws amendments for Joint Council 10/20/12

The following proposed bylaws amendments were referred to the Bylaws Committee by the April 2012 meeting of the Joint Council and will be considered for approval at the October meeting:

i.     Ability for units to communicate directly with membership (m,s,c)

ii.     Elections guidelines – requires meeting of EC not less than 10 days prior to union elections; elections committee to decide times, dates, locations of voting (see attachment for full wording); amendment to add ‘in conjunction with campus leadership’ to sentence on determining dates, times, locations of voting (m,s,c); vote to pass to bylaws committee (m,s,c)

iii.     Staff membership requirement – change from one year to 90 days; amendment to amendment, change must be member in good standing for 90 days, to must have been a member in continuous good standing for 90 days (m,s,c); amended amendment (m,s,c)

iv.     NVP & SVP must be from northern campuses and southern campuses respectively (m,s,c)

v.     Add May Day to list of union holidays; amended to be grammatically correct (m,s,c); amended amendment (m,s,c)