Resolution in Support of the “Caravana Against the Repression in Mexico”


Union Resolution in Support of the “Caravana Against the Repression in Mexico”  (Caravana Contra la Represión en Mexico) 2016

WHEREAS the Committee of the Caravana Against the Repression in Mexico 2016[1] is organizing national tour of a delegation of 8 social and political activists in Mexico representing a variety of key struggles, who have been facing harsh political repression and standing up for human and civil rights, and

WHEREAS the 2016 Caravana will arrive to the Bay Area on Nov. 2nd and tour through the state of California afterwards, and is requesting support and outreaching to the labor movement as a key audience to enable transnational conversations and solidarity, and

WHEREAS the social and political struggles represented in the Caravana have strong ties with the union struggles of our local and country, as we have representatives of the CNTE (National Coordination of Education Workers) and of farm workers organizations from Baja California with whom we share common goals and challenges, and

WHEREAS it is the best tradition of the labor movement to stand in solidarity with fellow union brothers and sisters across borders and also to support and stand for political and democratic rights for all working people, and

WHEREAS the neoliberal education reform the government of Peña Nieto wants to impose on the Mexican teachers and students shares the same project and ideology than the multiple reforms in the United States (No Child Left Behind -2001, Every Student Succeeds Act – 2015) of repressive teachers evaluations, standardized testing, the charter model system, the financial “autonomy” of schools etc, and

WHEREAS the reforms the CNTE teachers and the Ayoztinapa students are fighting against are reforms whose intent is to end free public education and put instead a corporate model of education targeting the needs and possibilities for profit of corporations, and

WHEREAS the Caravana has an important demand which is to end the Merida Initiative by which since 2006 the US government has provided military equipment and training to the Mexican security forces, which has translated in a sudden increase of violence against civilians, the criminalization of protests, the illegal detention, torture and sometimes murder of many students, teachers, and community activists,

LET IT BE RESOLVED that our local UAW 2865 supports the goals and endorses the Caravana Against Repression in Mexico 2016 and will help to the best of its capacity to its diffusion to its members and community.

[1] For more information, visit: