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(updated February 1, 2018)

Union Organizer Training Program at UC Campuses (Temporary/Part-Time)

Title: Part-Time Field Organizer Trainee

Location: Applicants must be based near a University of California campus

Hours and Pay: 10-20 hours per week (20 hours preferred) at an hourly wage of $32.03

Duration: This paid training and organizing program lasts for 5 weeks

Application Form:


Deadline: Please complete the application form by Thursday, February 8th. We will review applications on a rolling basis after February 8th.


The UC Student-Workers Union, UAW 2865, is a dynamic, member-driven labor union representing over 16,000 Academic Student Employees (ASEs) – Teaching Assistants, Readers, Graders, Tutors, and others – at the 9 teaching campuses of the University of California.

Our union is currently recruiting interested union members and allies to participate in a part-time paid training program that will start in mid-February and run until Spring Break 2018. This hands-on training program will include regular coaching by experienced union organizers and opportunities to participate in direct worker organizing, including membership recruitment, leadership identification and development, and campaign issue identification, especially in STEM departments.

This training program is ideal for applicants seeking to develop organizing skills to support our 2018 contract campaign, as well as those interested in union organizing and/or social-justice careers. We are set to begin contract negotiations in late February 2018 and the training program participants will be responsible for building a broad and active membership in support of our union’s bargaining goals.

Candidates who identify as people of color, queer, trans, women, and/or disabled are strongly encouraged to apply.

Time Commitment and Scheduling:

  • Organizers will attend a one-day training the weekend of February 17th/18th at either the Los Angeles or Berkeley campus
  • Position continues until Spring Break 2018.
  • Weekly schedules will be set in collaboration with supervisor at the beginning of each week:
    • 10-18 hours per week: walkthroughs, charting, section visits, and tabling
    • 1-2 hours per week: calls with supervisors


Part-Time Field Organizing Responsibilities:

  • Work with existing union members to sign up new members and identify and develop new worksite leaders across departments. Be accountable for setting membership organizing goals and checking in with union leadership about progress.
  • Collaborate with union members to help build a broad, representative Organizing Committee (OC) of worksite leaders across your assigned campus, and assist OC members in moving worksite organizing campaigns
  • Develop and execute clear written organizing plans each week in consultation with your assigned supervisor
  • Assist in member-driven bargaining campaigns and related efforts to advance social justice at UC and beyond
  • Assist leaders in mobilizing for union actions (pickets, rallies, etc.) and campaigns through activities such as phone-banking, section visits, leafleting, door knocking in departments, organizing department meetings, etc.
  • Perform administrative tasks necessary for organizing (such as maintaining databases, producing materials and correspondence)
  • Any other duties/tasks as assigned


Required Experience and Characteristics:

  • A demonstrated commitment to union democracy, bottom-up member-driven organizing, social justice and anti-oppression
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills, including prompt responsiveness to emails, phone calls, and other forms of communication
  • An ability to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously and meet established deadlines

Preferred Experience and Characteristics:

  • Demonstrated experience conducting structured organizing conversations, encouraging workers to become union members, and running workplace campaigns.
  • Experience with organizing academic workers, public sector employees, and/or student workers.
  • Bilingual or multilingual (especially Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hindi).


Scope and Nature of Supervision:

Participants in the Union Organizer Training Program report to and are supported by the member leadership of the Staff Support Committee and their assigned Lead Field Organizer.

Like all local union staff, the part-time Field Organizer Trainees are ultimately accountable to and employed by the union membership as a whole, which is represented at the statewide level by the Union’s Joint Council. This democratically-elected body has the authority to issue corrective action and/or sever the employment relationship based on recommendations and evaluations by the Staff Support Committee and their assigned Lead Field Organizer.

The Part-Time Field Organizer Trainee will be required to write a weekly work plan and participate in at least one weekly check-in call/meeting with their assigned Lead Field Organizer.

To Apply For This Position: Please complete the application form by Thursday, February 8th. The Staff Support Committee will review applications on a rolling basis after February 8th.