Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence

UAW 2865 won new and groundbreaking protections against sexual harassment and racial discrimination in our 2018-2022 contract.

The #MeToo movement has focused attention on the rampant sexual harassment student workers face, with many cases at the University of California highlighting the failure of administrators to remove harassers and ensure the protection of survivors and their careers.

As part of this movement, UAW 2865 members mobilized during contract negotiations and won survivor-centered protections which can be pursued as alternatives to the flawed Title IX process. The new discrimination protections include interim measures so that student-workers who have reported harassment or discrimination can continue working and learning in a safe environment. The campaign also won the right of student-workers to choose to use the Union grievance process concurrently with a Title IX investigation.

To continue the movement and to ensure that these new rights are enforced and available to all student workers on UC campuses, join your coworkers in the statewide Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence committee.

Have you or a colleague experienced–or are currently experiencing–sexual or racial discrimination in the workplace? Contact your union.


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