Solidarity with the Quebec Student Strike

The Quebec student strike against an increase in tuition fees and for free education is a crucial battle against the austerity agenda and for accessible, quality post-secondary education. This is the longest student strike in Quebec history. It remains strong in the face of the Charest government’s refusal to negotiate and university/CEGEP administration efforts to use injunctions and threats to force students back to school.

We recognize that students in Quebec pay lower fees than in the rest of Canada because of a long tradition of activist mobilization for quality, accessble education. We stand in solidarity with the student strikers and the professors, campus workers and community members who have supported this movement. Students in Quebec are fighting against the commercialization of education and user pay through tuition increases that create massive barriers to access and student debt that profits the banks while haunting students for years after graduation. We believe victory for the student movement in Quebec will signal a new level of mobilization for proper funding of quality, accessible education and against the austerity agenda. We commit ourselves to the defense of those arrested. We strongly support the mobilizations to defend free political expression on campus and to continue the strikes until victory, even in the face of repression. Together, we will stop the hike.

*Note – for those of you who are in Toronto, please join us to deliver this statement on Thursday April 26, 2012 at noon to the Quebec government office at 20 Queen St. West. We will rally outside.*