Solidarity Statement on Racial Violence at SJSU

November 25, 2013

We are graduate student employees at the University of California, organized in the Anti-Oppression-Committee of the UAW2865 union. We are deeply saddened by the racial violence at San Jose State University committed by three white students against their black suitemate over a period of several weeks. We wish the individual who survived this violence all the best for recovering and healing. We also stand in solidarity with the Black Student Union at SJSU and everyone else who protested against these acts of racial violence and the conditions that enabled them. From UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, UC Riverside and UCLA we are following closely what happens at San Jose State.

Unfortunately, racial violence between students has been occurring on UC campuses as well in the last few years. Like in this recent incident at San Jose State, it involved the display of symbols of white supremacist and particularly anti-black violence. The incident at San Jose State thus reminds us how unsafe our own campuses are as well, particularly for black students. We are committed to working together to transform our campuses and communities to end violence.

Johanna Rothe, UC Santa Cruz
Kevin Aguilar, UC San Diego
Mar Velez, UC Berkeley
Duane Wright, UC Davis
Josh Brahinsky, UC Santa Cruz
Evan Grupsmith, UC Santa Cruz
Sunny Lim, UC Santa Barbara
Troy Araiza Kokins, UC San Diego
Jessica Conte, UC Irvine
Munira Lokhandwala, UC Berkeley
Robert Wood, UC Irvine
Sara Smith, UC Santa Cruz
Katy Fox-Hodess, UC Berkeley
Brian Malone, UC Santa Cruz
Robert Cavooris, UC Santa Cruz
Emma Silverman, UC Berkeley
Beezer de Mertelly, UC Berkeley
Erin Ellison, UC Santa Cruz
Robert Majzler, UC Santa Cruz
Alborz Ghandehari, UC San Diego
Jennifer Teschler, UC Santa Cruz
Tyson Patros, UC Irvine
Shannon Ikebe, UC Berkeley
Chichi Peng, UC Santa Barbara
Joanne Tien, UC Berkeley
Manuel Rosaldo, UC Berkeley
Nikolai Smith, UC San Diego and Berkeley
Mary Ann Brooks, UC Davis
Ren-yo Hwang, UC Riverside
Amanda Armstrong, UC Berkeley
Alex Holmstrom-Smith, UCLA
Sayil Camacho, UCLA
Alexis Kargl, UC Santa Cruz
Michelle Glowa, UC Santa Cruz
Caroline McKusick, UC Davis
Anti-Oppression and Consent Committee, UCSC
Anti-Oppression Statewide Committee, UAW 2865