Statewide Membership Meeting Minutes May 21st, 2011

Called to order by Cheryl Deutsch, President 2:17 pm

Opening statement read by Cheryl Deutsch

Call for quorum: quorum is reached. Official count from the sign-in sheet: 145 members present.

proposed ground rules: these are in accordance with Roberts Rules, but customized/condensed for our meeting.

Motion to approve the ground rules: approved

Point of order: the meeting is out of order because the 2 campuses are out of session, the meeting was called too hastily. Chair rules that the meeting is in order.

Motion to approve the agenda:
Amendment to add 15 minutes for New Business after swearing in and 20 minutes at the end of the meeting. passes

Facilitators (Kenya Wheeler and and Thea Sircar) and parliamentarian (Micki McCoy) are introduced
no objections to agenda or facilitators

Motion to livestream the meeting passes

Announcement that reporters from the Daily Cal and City on the Hill press are present
Motion to allow reporters to stay, reporters must ask permission to identity/name people: passes

Announcement: Jonathan Siegel is present. Motion to allow him to stay, passes.

Triennial Elections Protest

facilitated by Kenya Wheeler

Protest #1 (presented by Xochitl Lopez and Filiberto Nolasco)

Motion that the body adopt the elections report:
Adam Hefty and Philippe Marchand (election committee members) say that the election report has been presented by the committee, the committee doesn’t actually certify according to the bylaws.
Consult bylaws Art 14: there is no ratification process in the bylaws, need to bring a protest against the election or a call for a new election. Otherwise we don’t need to move to approve results.
Point of order: we cannot approve the report before considering the second election protest.
Chair rules the motion to adopt the elections report is out of order
Objection to chair’s ruling.
Vote on the chair’s ruling that motion to adopt the elections report is out of order because the agenda point is for a elections protest, the second protest must be heard first, and bylaws do not require a ratification. Passes: chair’s ruling stands

Presentation of protest of validity of the election [see protest #1]

Presentation of rebuttal [see rebuttal brief]

Motion to reject the protest passes.
Philippe Marchand notes his abstention from any vote on the election protests

Protest #2

Presentation by Renee Hudson [see protest #2]

Rebuttal by Michael Wartenbe, rec sec from UCLA:
-bad conduct to question a member’s standing, Sayil is a student
-her former employer was contacted
-88 days had passed between date she became a member and the nomination, practice is to calculate from beginning of the month.
-she is beginning her program this fall
-evidence that she used union resources inconclusive
-Sayil was the highest vote getter at LA.

Point of information: can Yuting be sworn in even though there is still an appeals process?
According to UAW constitution, decision of the current body is binding (Yuting would be seated/sworn in)

Resolution: whereas Ms. Camacho’s election was invalid, Ms. Camacho shall not be seated as head steward at UCLA and the next highest vote getter, Yuting Huang shall be seated. Motion passes.

Swearing In of New Officers:

JC officers present who are sworn in:

Filiberto Nolasco Gomez, UCSB
Amanda Zeddy, UCSB
Rob Ackermann, UCSB

Jen Tucker, UCB
Pablo Gaston, UCB
Manuel Rosaldo, UCB
Chris Schildt, UCB
Larisa Mann, UCB
Katy Fox-Hoddess, UCB
Josh Williams, UCB
Rachel Brahinsky, UCB
Micki McCoy, UCB

Jessica Taal, UCD
Jordan Scavo, UCD
Andrew Higgins, UCD
Justin Clement, UCD
Tim Gutierrez, UCD
Nick Perrone, UCD
Xochitl Lopez, UCD
AJ Morgan, UCD
Eran Zelnik, UCD

Michael Wartenbe, UCLA
Jacob Burstein-Stern, UCLA
Yuting Huang, UCLA

Mary Virginia Watson, UCSC
Josh Brahinsky, UCSC
Michelle Glowa, UCSC

Robert Wood, UCI
Anne Kelly, UCI
Alfredo Carlos, UCI
Chima Anyadike Danes, UCI
Jordan Brocious, UCI
Ben Cox, UCI
Daniel Seneca Lindsey, UCI

New Business

Question about possibility of retaining Mr. Siegel as additional counsel:
Cheryl responds: no agreement to retain Siegel yet, local is continuing its agreement with previous legal counsel.
Motion that Eboard tell membership before taking any decision about retaining Siegel and make explicit the purpose and cost. Passes.

Motion to donate $200 to support the independent film “Mosquita y Mari”. Passes

Motion to endorse Labor Notes Troublemaker’s School and donate $100. passes

Tabled items:
Motion to place an ad in Labor Fest $300
Motion in support of AB 130 and 131 (California Dream Act) and to coordinate two lobbying days in support of these measures.

Motion for discussion of election protocols at next JC

Motion for the local to oppose the FTA

Motion to extend the meeting until 6: passes.

Break, reconvened at 5:15

Break-out discussions: The Future of our Union and UC
facilitator: Thea Sircar

Call for quorum: 85 present.
Meeting loses the authority to make binding decisions, but discussion will continue.

Report-backs from groups:

Save our Students:
Multi-campus campaign on class size and workload. To do: 1) form a large committee 2) data collection through the workload survey, get historical data from GSAs, previous union surveys 3) building solidarity with students, faculty 4) collective grievances in the fall 5) produce a report from the data 6) campaign calendar. Could be part of the Education committee or new committee.

GSR Campaign:
GSRs do not yet have the right to organize. 1) Need a political campaign, working with bill from Loni Hancock. 2) Rank and file organizing: info committee (how many members are affected, what depts are they in, what are their working conditions, what has been UC’s response to the bill). 3) Organizing GSRs before the legislation moves, point person for the campaign from each campus.

Budget Cuts:
info gathering on the state and UC budget. Mobilizing because bad decisions are going to be made this summer. Getting staff resources on this issue. investigating targets in the UC admin and state legislature. investigating relationships between UC admin and private industry. Proposals: capping admin salary, creating a ratio (highest to lowest paid), eliminating middle-management.

turn the union into a vehicle for fighting identity-based forms of oppression. needs to be campus-based, even dept based. union should be supporting and assisting in building safe spaces for local struggles and communities. first step is on the ground organizing to make contact with communities and individuals, find out what support they need, how the union can support. work with campus resources: student groups, labor centers. work needs to happen within the union as well: bring people together who were engaged in politicized disagreement during the campaign to work through feelings of discrimination.

Three levels: within the UC/other UC unions; other sectors of the public education movement; other sectors of labor. Encouraging attendance at the UCUC. Each campus should have a point person/people for solidarity work. Coordinating contract negotiations with other UC unions. Improving contact with sister locals: 5810 and 4123.

Membership Mtg Statement:
statement will be signed by individual members:

UC students and academic workers gathered today in an historic meeting for our union – the largest academic student employee union in the U.S. Over xxx members from almost every UC campus came together, marking a turning point in our growing mobilization to energize our union and fight the attacks we face amid an international crisis for public education and the public sector. The meeting is a culmination of an historic change process in our union. Voter turnout increased ten times over the last Triennial Election with 3,400 members voting.

The meeting signals the changes underway in how students and workers will make de-cisions in our union. Members – beyond just elected representatives – will deliberate and decide. Decision making will be transparent. We will develop new rules for fair elections conducted by independent third parties.

This bottom up approach empowers our members to take the lead in fighting the attacks on UC students and workers. Based on feedback from the comments on our webpage and small group discussion at our meeting, one thing is clear – we will unite to mobilize thousands of students and workers on several key fronts:
1. Stopping any new fee hikes.
2. Defeating any proposed cap on state spending.
3. Increasing financial support for education and public services.
4. Stopping any caps on funding of fee remissions and benefits for graduate student instructors.
5. Supporting our students with smaller class sizes and manageable workloads.
6. Uniting 14,000 graduate student researchers in our union to strengthen our collective rights and movement.

Democracy & Transparency:
Devolution of power, decision-making toward the membership. This meeting is a first example. Wants the AWDU candidates to follow-through with decentralization. How will communication work with the new policy? Paid staff, devolution of hiring and firing decisions and supervision. Member committee to investigate, consult with other unions. Can members sign-up online? Limit officer salaries to 50% time. Address meeting process.

Union Media
Newsletters, facebook, twitter, blogs, campus and local podcasts! Concerns about legal issues: what we can say publicly, what procedures will we need to institute. Proposing an exploratory committee of members from all campuses. Also media tools for organizing and member education–sharing information from other committees and campaigns. Will bring a proposal to July JC.

Other ideas:
– labor libraries in the local offices, study space, sofas!
– talk with sympathetic faculty about unionizing.
-find common interest with other CA stakeholders who aren’t unionized labor…
-publish international reps salary on our monthly budget

meeting adjourned 6:30pm!