Summary Report: UAW Local 2865 Executive Board Meeting, UC Merced 2/11/12

Present: Cheryl Deutsch, Sara Smith, Charlie Eaton, Mandy Cohen, Kyle Arnone, Brenda Medina Hernandez, Nick Kardahji, Blanca Missé

Also present: Mike Miller (IR), Eric Chiu (Recording Secretary, UC Merced)

After affirming decisions taken by email or phone poll since the last E-board meeting, dealing with excuses and approving the minutes from the last meeting, the E-board discussed the following issues:

1) Vacancy Elections (Feb 14th-15th)– the Executive Board discussed expenditures for shipping ballot boxes overnight to the counting location, as well as the need for additional poll workers at UC Merced and UC San Diego

2) March 1st & 5th Actions – the E-board discussed plans to organize legal support for members who need it during the March Days of Action; the E- board also approved two funding proposals –

a. Approval of $5,000 donation to ACCE (which is coordinating funding for ReFund CA) which will be drawn from the transportation, printing and mailing costs line items in the Local’s budget

b. Approval of a request to the UAW International to donate $20,000 for the Occupy the Capital mobilization, in coordination with sister locals 4123 (CSUs) and 5810 (UC Post-Docs)

3) Healthcare Meeting – The Local’s upcoming meeting (2/24) with management over healthcare benefits was discussed and funding was approved for travel to the meeting for one person per campus.

4) Division of Labor on the E-board – the current division of labor on the E- board was discussed, and it was agreed that it is working well; the E-board agreed to continue pushing ahead with plans for a centralized database of grievances

5) Southern Organizer/Coordinator – the need to devote more resources to organizing on the southern campuses (UCLA, UCR, UCI, UCSD & UCSB) was discussed at length, as well as the local’s goal to increase membership levels generally; the E-board agreed to post a job vacancy for a southern organizing coordinator by Feb 20th, in the event that the new southern VP is unable to devote time to traveling to the various campuses and assuming that the local has the resources to pay for the post

6) Membership Update & Workload Survey – the E-board agreed to ask the Local’s new Research & Communications Coordinator to start researching changes in class size policies and funding structures for departments across the UC system

7) Additional items –

a. The monthly financial report was approved

b. Mike Miller provided an update on the UAW’s upcoming National CAP Conference and Lobby Day in Washington DC (more info at

c. There was also an announcement about an upcoming fundraising dinner for CHIRLA, to be held in LA on April 5th; CHIRLA is interested in working with us on Dream Act campaigning, as well as on student/ worker visa issues

The next in-person E-board meeting will be held at UC Irvine on March 10th 2012