Support LGBT Students and Workers! Sign the Petition and Make a Quick Call!

Sign the petition

This Friday, October 11, is National Coming Out day! And October is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) history month. As many of you know, in addition to our other important demands (wage increases! affordable healthcare for our children! reduced class sizes!) in contract bargaining the union’s negotiating team has put forward a series of anti-discrimination demands. One of these demands is for the expansion of all-gender/gender neutral bathrooms at every single UC campus. You can support this campaign by 1. signing a petition, 2. making a quick phone call, and 3. sharing these instructions (share on Facebook).

Please sign the petition to demand more all-gender bathrooms!

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT), gender non-conforming and queer-identified students and workers will continue to face discrimination each day if there remains an insufficient number of all-gender restrooms in every UC campus and building. People who vary in gender/sexuality—-trans* people, trans-masculine and trans-feminine people, intersex people, two-spirit people, butch lesbians and women, femme men and gender non-conforming people—-are often met with hostility and violence when they use gender-segregated public restrooms. Moreover, people with disabilities who need personal assistants of a different gender and parents with children of differing genders often face harassment when accessing gender-segregated public restrooms.

The University of California can only claim to be supportive of LGBT students and workers when it establishes more all-gender bathrooms. Please sign this petition and forward it to your friends and family!

Call your Chancellor this Friday

In honor of National Coming Out Day and LGBT History Month, on Friday show your support for a gender-inclusive workplace by calling your chancellor to ask that they support the UAW’s proposal. Here’s a script you can use as the basis of our message:

Hi, this is _______, a student/worker at UC _______. May I speak to the chancellor? (If not, leave a message with the executive assistant or on the machine). I’m calling in support of UAW 2865’s demand that the University of California respect trans and queer workers and students by providing at least one all-gender wheelchair accessible bathroom in every campus building. The UC cannot claim to be LGBT friendly if it continues to refuse to establish more all-gender bathrooms. I urge Chancellor _______ to make it clear to the UC Office of the President that UC _______ is in full support of this demand. Thank you.

Here are the numbers to call:

UC Davis – Chancellor Linda B. Katehi
Contact: (530) 752-2065
UC Berkeley – Chancellor Nicholas Dirks
Contact: (510) 642-7464
UC Merced – Chancellor Dorothy Leland
Contact: (209) 228-4417
UC Santa Barbara – Chancellor Henry T. Yang
Contact: (805) 893-2231
UCLA – Chancellor Gene Block
Contact: 310-825-2151
UC Irvine – Chancellor Michael Drake
Contact: (949) 824-5111
UC Riverside – Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox
Contact: (951) 827-5201
UC San Diego – Chancellor Pradeep K. Khoda
Contact: (858) 534-3135
UC Santa Cruz – Executive Vice Chancellor Allison Galloway
Contact: (831) 459-3885

To become more involved or to learn more about this work, contact the Anti-Oppression Committee by emailing or calling the union office at (510) 549-3863.