To NYU Grad Student-Workers: we wish you victory in your upcoming union recognition election!

Dear Comrades at GSOC-UAW 2110,

We are activists and officers with UAW Local 2865, representing more than 12,000 graduate student teachers, readers and tutors across the University of California system. We are deeply inspired by your recent agreement with the NYU administration, in which you won recognition of the democratic right to choose union representation, after many years of dedicated and tenacious organizing efforts. We wish from the bottom of our heart the resounding victory for you at the upcoming union recognition election on December 10-11. From all across California, we are closely following your historic struggles at NYU.

We, the academic workers all across the country and beyond, in private and public universities, are together facing accelerating levels of attacks on our working conditions, livelihoods and opportunities. We can effectively repel these assaults and work to create an academia free of oppressions and exploitations, with strong bonds of solidarity among the labor movements on many campuses. As graduate student workers, and as sisters and brothers in UAW, we are looking forward to struggling together with you for many years to come.

Academic Workers of the World, Unite!

In Solidarity,

Shannon Ikebe, UC Berkeley
Marco Antonio Rosales, UC Davis
Katy Fox-Hodess, UC Berkeley
Evan Grupsmith, UC Santa Cruz
Beezer de Martelly, UC Berkeley
Munira Lokhandwala, UC Berkeley
Joshua Brahinsky, UC Santa Cruz
Alexandra Holmstrom-Smith, UCLA
Erin Ellison, UC Santa Cruz
Robert Cavooris, UC Santa Cruz
Duane Wright, UC Davis
Kevan Aguilar, UC San Diego
Muiris MacGiollabhui, UC Santa Cruz
Stephanie Montgomery, UC Santa Cruz
Robbie Nelson, UC Berkeley
Brenda Medina-Hernandez, UC Davis
Susan Richardson, UC Davis
Robert Wood, UC Irvine
Sara Smith, UC Santa Cruz
Amanda Armstrong, UC Berkeley
Henry Maar, UC Santa Barbara
Samuel Weeks, UCLA
Michael Cataldi, UCLA
Per Stinchcombe, UC Berkeley
Chichi Peng, UC Santa Barbara
Joanne Tien, UC Berkeley
Brian Lovato, UC Santa Barbara
Ben Keller, UC Berkeley
Jason Ball, UCLA
Ren-yo Hwang, UC Riverside
Manuel Rosaldo, UC Berkeley
Mar Velez, UC Berkeley
Jennifer Teschler, UC Santa Cruz
Mary Ann Brooks, UC Davis
Elise Youn, UC Berkeley
Brian Malone, UC Santa Cruz
Emma Silverman, UC Berkeley
Johanna Rothe, UC Santa Cruz
Bern Samko, UC Santa Cruz
Karin Root, UC Davis
Samir Sonti, UC Santa Barbara
Jordan Brocious, UC Irvine
Amanda Zeddy, UC Santa Barbara
John Gust, UC Riverside
Robert Ackermann, UC Santa Barbara
Locke Welborn, UCLA
Tyson Patros, UC Irvine
Erik Green, UC Santa Cruz
Edwin Elias, UC Riverside
Steven Attewell, UC Santa Barbara
Michelle Glowa, UC Santa Cruz
Jason Struna, UC Riverside
Jessica Conte, UC Irvine
Sayil Camacho, UCLA
J Sebastian, UC Riverside
Lucha Arevalo, UC Riverside
Blanca Missé, UC Berkeley
Caroline McKusick, UC Davis