UAW Contract Victory

Dear Members,

We are excited to tell you the bargaining team has signed off on a tentative agreement for our contract!  Here are the important points, then read below for more details:

* We have a tentative agreement on the contract, including some historic wins.

* A contract ratification vote will be held at the end of next week

* We settled several of the outstanding Unfair Labor Practice charges and the strike has been called off

Thank you so much of all the hours of organizing, calling, picketing and careful listening that went into this process

Contract Update:

A PDF describing the contract campaign and agreement:

The Final Bargaining Chart with information about our wins:

Quality of Education and Civil Rights Issues (These are new to the UCs and perhaps the labor movement)

• A joint labor-management program to ensure equal academic and professional development experiences for non-DACA qualified undocumented graduate students as compared to their documented peers.

• Labor-management committees to protect a newly agreed upon right to gender-neutral bathrooms, a right that will be grievable in the new contract.

• Labor-management committees designed to be able to track the ways teacher-student ratios are effecting the quality of UC education.

Student Parents Issues

• Expanding leaves from 4 paid weeks to 6 for birth parents (4 paid and 2 unpaid for non-birth parents) which makes possible a full 3 month benefitted maternity leave on quarter campuses.  Under previous agreements, many women felt pressured to take the quarters with no pay or benefits.

• Childcare subsidy increased 50%, from $600/quarter (900/semester) to $900/quarter (1350/semester).

• Access to lactation stations was guaranteed.


The UAW’s contract campaign aimed to close a nearly 20% wage gap between the UCs and competitor institutions which was identified by the Academic Senate as pushing qualified graduate students away from the UCs (see UAW report: The 4 year agreement includes 16% (5,4,4 3) of raises that compound to 17% which, after tracking changes in UC competitor wages over the life of thecontract, will likely close over 1/3 of the competitiveness gap identified by the Academic Senate.


Strike Update:

Here is a link to our press release from this morning:

We have also settled the majority of the Unfair Practice Charges that were the basis for the upcoming strike.  Members who were excessively docked pay for picketing will be compensated.  We still have several outstanding ULPs – dealing with the arrests made at UCSC, the grievance strike at UCSC, and the police surveillance at UCB – which will now be addressed by the Public Employment Relations Board.


Contract Ratification Vote:

A vote to ratify the tentative agreement will be held on Thursday, June 12th and Friday, June 13th.  Members who have left campus for the summer will have the option to vote by mail.  Look for a follow-up email with more information about this important vote.

Thanks again so much for your support and participation. Opening bargaining to your participation made all the difference in our ability to push for the contract we deserve. 


Your Bargaining Team