UAW Local 2865 Endorses Propositions 55, 57, 58, and 62

UAW Local 2865 has officially endorsed four California ballot propositions this year: Propositions 55, 57, 58, and 62. We hope that you will vote “yes” on each of these propositions, and also that you will urge other registered voters to do the same. Not sure where to vote? Find your polling place here.

A YES vote on Prop. 55 supports continuing a tax on millionaires that funds public education, including both K-12 and postsecondary educations. There will be no sales or new income taxes as part of Prop 55, only a continuation of an existing income tax on the very wealthiest Californians. As workers and students in public education, we support Prop. 55 so that our schools don’t face disastrous funding cuts on top of already limited resources.

A YES vote on Prop. 57 supports increasing parole chances for felons convicted of nonviolent crimes and increases “good behavior” and educational incentives for prisoners. It also allows judges, rather than prosecutors, to decide whether to try certain juveniles as adults in court. Parole and sentencing reform is key to righting the wrongs of a system that has inordinately and unjustly harmed black and brown, queer, and poor people. Our union supports Prop. 57 to give Californians a second chance and to help build a more equitable, just society for us all.

A YES vote on Prop. 58 supports repealing most of Prop. 227, passed in 1998, which mandated English-only education in public schools. Prop. 58 will maintain a core English immersion curricula, but also allow schools to offer bilingual instruction with fewer hurdles. Our union is proud to be made up of students from a wide range of backgrounds and linguistic traditions. We think California schools should celebrate, not stifle, diversity.

A YES vote on Prop. 62 supports repealing the death penalty in California and makes life without the possibility of parole the maximum punishment for murder. The death penalty, like our criminal justice system as a whole, is flawed, classist, racist, and costly. Our union supports a repeal that will save $150 million annually and ensure that no more Californians are unjustly put to death.

In solidarity,

The UAW 2865 Joint Council