UAW2865 Demands More All-Gender Restrooms at the University of California

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT), gender non-conforming and queer-identified students and workers face discrimination at the University of California every day due to the lack of a sufficient number of all-gender restrooms on every UC campus. People who vary in gender/sexuality—trans* people, trans-masculine and trans-feminine people, intersex people, two-spirit people, butch lesbians and women, femme men and gender non-conforming people—often are met with hostility and violence when they use single-gender public restrooms. Moreover, people with disabilities who need personal assistants of a different gender and parents with children of differing genders often face harassment when accessing gender-specific public restrooms.

All people have the right to be respected and affirmed in their gender identities and expressions. Nobody should experience disability- or gender-related harassment when using the restroom, a basic health need. As students and workers, people with disabilities and trans* and gender non-conforming people at the UC have the basic right to study and work in an environment that is not detrimental to their health. Ensuring that all UC students and workers have access to a restroom that is free of hostility, harassment, intimidation and violence is a necessity.

We demand that the University of California respect the sexual and gender
diversity of its student body and workforce by providing at least one all-gender,
wheelchair accessible restroom in every campus building.

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