UC Caves Under AFSCME Strike Threat

Dear UAW Members,

We are very pleased to pass along this information from AFSCME our sister union. They have won a historic new contract after 2 hard years of bargaining!

Your Bargaining Team
Dear Brothers and Sisters:
We did it!
Late last night, the Bargaining Time signed an historic, 4-year tentative contract agreement for UC Service Workers(SX) that meets all of our core demands on wages, staffing and job security.
Accordingly, we have cancelled the system-wide strike that was scheduled for March 3-March 7th.
Here is what UC Service Workers Have Won:
Wages: 13.5% in ATBs; 2% steps in 2014, 2015, 2016; plus $200 signing bonus.
  • 4.5% ATB 60 days after ratification, plus $200 signing bonus
  • 3% ATB July 1, 2014 +2% step
  • 3% ATB Oct. 1, 2015 + 2% step
  • 3% ATB Oct. 1, 2016 +2% step
  • Double Time Pay after 12 Hours
Staffing: New Protections on Contracting Out, Seniority and Layoffs.
  • Arbitration language to ensure UC cannot layoff SX employees due to contracting out
  • Agreement that Service work at new UC facilities (UCSD/Jacobs Hospital, UCSF Mission Bay, and UCLA/Luskin Hotel and Conference Center) will be performed by AFSCME 3299 SX Unit
  • Seniority in Layoffs, Transfers, Promotions, and Scheduling
  • Temps must be laid off before career workers
Healthcare Benefits and Retirement:
  • 1 Tier Pension
  • Freeze on Kaiser and Healthnet Premiums for life of the Contract
  • Current Employees Grandfathered into Old Rules on Retiree Healthcare
  • Freeze on Kaiser Rates for Retirees during life of the Contract
Download the Victory flyer in ENGLISHSPANISH, and CHINESE.  More information about member meetings and a ratification vote will be coming soon.
But we are not done yet.
By standing firm these past twenty months, you made today’s historic victory possible. Now, we must keep up the pressure to ensure our brothers and sisters in the Patient Care Unit receive the same fair contract settlement.
PCT Bargaining is scheduled for February 27th and 28th. And we are asking you to call Janet Napolitano at 510-987-9074, to remind her that AFSCME 3299 will not stop fighting until UC provides Patient Care workers the fair wage increases, staffing protections, and job security they deserve.
Thank you for your continued strength and resolve.
In Unity and Solidarity,
Tim Thrush, Patrick Mitchell and the entire AFSCME 3299 Bargaining Team:
Annette Norwood-Dunlap, Care Partner, UCLA
Bob Pinto, Laborer, UCSB
Ed Wilson, Bus Driver/Custodian, LBNL
Francisco Arellano, Senior Patient Escort, UCI
Gloria Bogan Jr., EVS Worker, UCI
Jesse Hernandez, Senior Cook, UCR
Jose Mendez, Senior Storekeeper, UCLA
Karl Thurmond, Radiologic Technologist, UCD
Kevin Wuthrich, Equipment Specialist, UCD
Larry Scinta, Senior Radiation Therapist, UCSD
Angie Mendoza, Senior Custodian, UCSD
Maricruz Manzanarez, Senior Custodian, UCB
Monica Martinez, Care Partner, UCLA
Patrick Mitchell, Security Officer, UCLA
Randy Johnson, MRI Technologist, UCSF
Reggie Wilson, EVS Worker, UCD
Richard Chu, Shuttle Driver, UCSF
Richard Smith, MRI Technologist, UCSD
Rob Mawhinney, Senior Radiologic Technologist, UCI
Rosario Cortes, Senior Custodian, UCSC
Tim Thrush, Diagnostic Sonographer, UCSF