UCLA UCPath Commitment Email

 15 November 2018

Dear Graduate Students,

I am writing with an update on UCPath – the new UC-wide payroll system that launched at UCLA on September 1 – and its impact on you.  The transition at UCLA has been very challenging.  The system is new and complicated, and many staff in your department and across the campus have been immersed in training, hiring and trouble-shooting, all at the same time. Problems will surely continue to arise and persist over the next few months. The campus and UC Path Center are working diligently and collaboratively to resolve every issue, large and small.

We know that many of you have experienced problems with your paychecks not being issued, or being delayed, or not being accurate. We are very sorry and understand how stressful and frustrating the problems are.   Please know that the Graduate Division has been working with your departments and the UC Path team to identify, mitigate and resolve each case as quickly as possible. We are:

  • Expediting fee/tuition related payments for those without appointments or those experiencing UCPath Center appointment approval delays
  • Posting Fee Deferrals to extend tuition/fee payment deadlines
  • Saving classes from being dropped
  • Preventing and/or reversing late fees, in cooperation with campus offices such as Housing and the Registrar
  • Working with departments and the UCLA UC Path team to support issuance of pay cards and advance loans.
  • Advocating to UCPath for swift resolution regarding specific graduate student cases that come to our attention.
  • Offering Interest Free next-day Emergency Pay Loans.

If your paycheck is incorrect, or you didn’t receive a paycheck on payday, or you are a new hire not yet in UCPath, there are several options available for you to get access to funds, including instant pay cards and emergency pay advances.  You can check your pay statement by logging onto UCPath.  Please report any issues to your department payroll representative, or to the UCLA Central Response Unit (CRU) via email at contactcru@ucla.edu or by phone at (310) 825-0189.

Going forward, there are several actions you can undertake to ensure timely pay. You can confirm 48 hours in advance of scheduled payday that a payment will be issued by logging into the UC Path portal.  Please be sure that your current mailing address is on file with UCPath, and if possible, sign up for Direct Deposit. Please also see the FAQs posted here.  You may click here to access the loan form.

We hope this guidance will be helpful. The situation is evolving and much work remains to be done.  Patience, understanding and kindness will help us all get through the transition.  Thank you.

With best wishes,

Robin L. Garrell
Vice Provost for Graduate Education
Dean, Graduate Division