UCLA UCPath Update & Commitments

Last week UCLA union members affected by UCPath payment problems met with UCLA Labor Relations and requested a list of remedies, including: interest on late wages, legal counsel for students facing eviction proceedings, cost of any financial penalties, and waiver of all University-related fees incurred due to late pay or tuitions remission because of UCPath, and in general to make all affected student workers whole. In an email the following day, UCLA’s grad division committed to the following:

  • Reversing late fees
  • Saving classes from being dropped
  • Providing interest free loans
  • “Advocating to UCPath for swift resolution regarding specific graduate student cases that come to our attention.”

These commitments represent progress. However, we have to keep pushing the University to ensure that student workers are made whole for what has been a nightmarish rollout of the UCPath payroll system. If you continue to have an issue or experience a new issue during your next pay cycle, please report your issue here. This is especially important, because according to a UCPath representative at a recent Labor Relations meeting with members of our union, UCPath is “not aware of its own errors.”