UCLA WAU Calls on Students to WALK OUT on Thursday, November 20th


UCLA Workers Against the University Call for Mass Day of Action in Response to Regent Vote on Tuition Hikes

Originally posted on Workers Against the University:

On Thursday, November 20th sometime in the late morning or early afternoon the UC Regents will make their final vote raise tuition 27% over the next four years.

In an act of overt hostility against current and prospective students and in the continuation of the white supremacist transformation of the university, UC management announced their plan without ample time for students and workers to organize actions to block the vote, as happened in the past.

The timing and announcement of the vote is designed to continue the privatization agenda of the Regents, extract more money for the UC Regents’ Wall Street peers, and put you back to work as soon as possible spending money for your degree. In fact, UCLA management has already promised that they will provide you with additional loans so you can continue to enrich their friends and contribute to the death of public education…

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