UCPath – VICTORY! UC agrees to settle grievances

After long negotiations with UAW 2865, UC has finally agreed to compensate over 700 student workers at UCPath campuses who experienced issues with pay, with after-tax amounts ranging from $150-$450. These payments are in addition to any pay owed by the university and are intended to make workers whole for difficulties they experienced—such as late fees, loan interest, stress, and inconvenience—due to missed or late paychecks caused by UCPath.

This victory was only possible because of the determined effort of UAW 2865 members and leaders across the state who came together to confront chancellors, speak with legislators, and talk to their coworkers about the botched UCPath rollout.

UCLA UAW members confront Chancellor Block about UCPath on November 30, 2018.

The payments are determined as follows:

  • $150 for workers who experienced significant underpayment or late pay
  • An additional $150 for every additional month (October-December, 2018), or $75 for every additional pay period (for people paid semi-monthly) in which paycheck problems occurred, up to a total of $450
  • UCPath generated a list of about 400 workers qualified to receive the settlement. UAW 2865 successfully negotiated to include several hundred additional names of workers who reported their issues to the Union

To receive your pay, you must ensure that your pay method is up-to-date in the UCPath portal.

The settlement shows what can be accomplished when workers fight for their rights, and it’s a lesson to carry forward as the UCPath rollout continues at UC-Davis and UC-Berkeley next month.

While it’s great to see the University taking accountability for the harm caused by UCPath, this battle is far from over. Please report here if you continue to experience pay issues, and share this form with any Academic Student Employee you know who might be having problems with UCPath.

Email UAW 2865 if you have any questions or would like to get more involved. Congratulations on this hard-fought victory!