Committees are an important way in which members build the strength of our union.

The purpose of committees is to develop different campaigns or aspects of union work, always seeking to engage and involve the broadest part of our members in a bottom-up, democratic and participatory way. Please join a committee and help us transform our union and our university!

Bylaws Committee
Election Committee
Anti-Oppression Committee

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing all proposed changes to the Bylaws which are sent to them from the Joint Council. The Bylaws Committee verifies the compatibility of the proposed changes with the International Constitution and the other Local Bylaws.

The Bylaws Committee consists of one (1) member from each Campus Unit and is elected by the members of that Campus Unit for a term of one (1) year.


BerkeleyAlex Thomas
DavisConnor Gorman
IrvineKevin Kadowaki
Los AngelesVACANT
MercedRodolfo Rodriguez
RiversideTheresa Goldbach
San DiegoHosam Yousif
Santa BarbaraSasha Coles
Santa CruzBern Samko

Election Committee

The Election Committee is responsible for running all Local Union elections, including elections, strike votes, and contract ratification votes. The Election Committee is responsible for the publication of notice for nominations and elections, the verification of eligibility for candidates, the organization and supervision of election proceedings, and the counting of ballots.

The Election Committee consists of one (1) Election Committee Member and one (1) Alternate Committee Member from each Campus Unit who are elected by members of that Campus Unit to serve a one (1) year term. The full duties of the Election Committee are defined in Article 13 of the Local’s Bylaws.


BerkeleyMatt WrightVACANT
IrvineKevin KadowakiVACANT
Los AngelesOlivia IrvingVACANT
Santa CruzAsher WassermanVACANT

The purpose of the UAW 2865 Anti-Oppression Committee is wide-ranging. We hope to work together with members from across the UC to challenge all forms of oppression.: The AOC is interested in identifying and challenging discrimination in our workplaces; organizing in solidarity with students, community groups, and other unions against various forms of oppression within the UC system; helping develop demands during contract bargaining that challenge racism, language discrimination, sexism, trans- and homophobia, ableism, ageism and citizenship status.

Our union has an elected committee, our bargaining team, that is currently bargaining for a better contract. Our demands include more protections for academic student workers and improving our work conditions (smaller class sizes, leave of absence policies that actually benefit us, better quality of access to figuring out what jobs are available, better health care benefits), demands for safer campuses (protections for undocumented student workers, measures to demilitarize campus, protections for survivors of sexual violence), and improving our standards of living (wage increases to meet the escalating costs of living). Negotiating a new contract also represents an opportunity to combat forms of discrimination and bias in the UC. The AOC recognizes multiple factors which impact academic student workers, and we will work to advance these issues in our new contract and in our broader agenda as a union beyond the contract campaign.

Additionally, the AOC seeks to critically educate ourselves and all members about how to address power dynamics within the union. We plan to develop sustainable practices and leadership development pathways to diversify union leadership and educate our membership. These programs expand the resources we make available to all campuses to support all members to build consciousness around anti-oppression issues within the union and across all spheres of the UC student experience. Our work is informed by our experiences as students and members at the intersection of race, class, ethnicity, age, nation, gender, sexuality, and ability.

To get involved with the Anti-Oppression Committee email us here:

Check out our Anti-Oppression Committee Resource website!

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