The duties of elected officers are described both in the Local 2865 Union Bylaws and in Article 40 of the UAW Constitution.

Here is a list of the Executive Board, Joint Council, and Campus Stewards, all of whom are elected to a three (3) year term that extends through May 2014. The information on this page is current as of 22 Feb 2012.

Other elected officers include members of the Bylaws Committee and Election Committee, with details on the Committees page.


Campus Stewards:

Head Stewards support a campus network of Stewards, who are members who volunteer as union representatives to help with membership outreach and education, contract enforcement (finding out about contract violations and filing grievances), and other union projects.

If your department or school is not represented by a steward, you can nominate someone to become one!

Please note that an updated list of campus stewards is maintained at each campus unit office: contact the office directly.