Update Re Health Coverage Lapse at UCLA

Dear Members,

The Union is continuing our work to restore health-care coverage to all academic student-workers. Following a meeting with John Bollard, Chief of Administrative Services at the Ashe Center, we have obtained some information that will allow members to obtain access to healthcare from the Ashe Center immediately, including prescriptions and doctors’ visits.

It is the standing policy of the Ashe Center to serve all students, regardless of whether their fees are pending. The University has not previously publicized this policy which led to students being denied medications at the pharmacy and other problems. However, after numerous meetings with administrators on Friday and today, they have agreed to send an email to all students before today’s end, informing them of their right to take advantage of this policy.Members who are having difficulty getting treatment at the Ashe Center may contact Insurance Director Barbara Rabinowitz at brabinowitz@ashe.ucla.edu or (310) 794-5613.She has pledged to help students navigate the Ashe Center.

However, Anthem coverage for affected student-workers remains unfixed. We have filed letters with Vice Provost and Dean Robin Garrell and UCLA Chancellor Block. Our attempts to meet with them were rebuffed. Our demand is that the university restore coverage today, as it is guaranteed under Article 14 of our contract.

We ask again that any student-worker who incurs a medical cost due to this lapse in coverage forward the documentation to us at LosAngeles@uaw2865.org. The Union is committed to obtaining reimbursements for all these costs. We have been advised by our attorneys that the University will be liable for any medical cost incurred.

In Solidarity,

Jonathan Koch, Music

Zeke Trautenberg, Spanish & Portuguese

Mike Miller, Math

Naveed Mansoori, Political Science

Jonathan Gingerich, Philosophy