An Update from UC Davis

Dear Comrades,

The sit-in protest demanding Chancellor Katehi’s resignation and the implementation of a democratic, equitable, and accountable decision-making process and university has now entered day 21. The Chancellor, tasked with serving UC Davis and its students, refuses to meet with the students who sacrificed their finals week and their Spring Break in the simple and reasonable interest of holding accountable our most senior administrator. While Katehi claims that she has “regularly invited the protesters to a conversation about their concerns,” in reality she has largely ignored and made light of our presence and our concerns, and sent lower level administrators to schedule meetings with us without providing specific dates and times for such a meeting. Moreover, during Katehi’s sole appearance at the sit-in, she came flanked with three advisors who fielded most of the questions aimed at her and were left standing alone after she stormed off after three minutes in the room. In short, the Chancellor has continued to demonstrate a professional lack of self awareness of social and political impact by failing to adequately address her students’ concerns surrounding her unethical practices.

It is not for a lack of trying that’s prevented the protesters from speaking with Katehi, but rather it is the Chancellor’s own fear of facing the student body that she disappoints and harms that prevents her from defending her actions in a public forum.

In the spirit of transparency and in a final attempt to help the Chancellor execute her job duties, this body of protesters invites Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi to a press conference in front of Mrak Hall this Friday, April 1st, 2016 at 12pm noon.

The protesters invite the entire campus and city community to hear how the Chancellor will defend her history of and most recent acts of financial and administrative corruption. The protesters encourage students, workers, faculty, and community members to leave their classes and jobs at 11:30 am to meet at the Memorial Union and then to march to Katehi’s Resignation Press Conference at Mrak at 12 pm.

We look forward to working in solidarity with you as we attempt, once again, to hold our Chancellor accountable.

Thank you,

The Oficers of UAW 2865, Davis and the Protesters of Mrak Hall